Welcome to Wrestle-Rama! Chris Whaley and Jeff Dixon will tag team teach as we grapple through the passages discusses in each session.

The Squared Circle – Wrestle-Rama (Session Three)

The Wrestle-Rama series wraps up today as we grapple through what may be one of the most unusual and perplexing passages in all of the Bible. It is the perfect passage to wrap up this series as Chris Whaley (The Masked Saint) and Jeff Dixon (nope, he is not a saint) tag team teach and uncover truth that will encourage and challenge us to tackle every obstacle that we face in life. Get ready for the match of a lifetime!

Battling for the Blessing – Wrestle-Rama (Session Two)

Wrestle-Rama continues this week as our special guest, Chris Whaley – The Masked Saint, joins pastor Jeff in a tag team teaching event as we grapple through a passage found in the book of Genesis. The story is a full blown wrestling match that takes place and the prize is the blessing of God. Have you ever wondered about how God blesses? Have you ever thought about how important it is to make sure you are doing what you need to do to experience the blessing? This passage, just like this Wrestle-Rama series is loaded with some surprises…and we think those surprises will bless you today. So, let’s get ready to wrestle!

The Main Event – Wrestle-Rama (Session One)

Welcome to Wrestle-Rama! Today you are invited to be a part of The Main Event. It is a up close look at the world of professional wrestling with The Masked Saint. What you will discover is that there are some important spiritual lessons we need to discover, because the Bible talks about wrestling and who our opponent really is. Chris Whaley and Jeff Dixon will tag team teach as we grapple through the passage found in the book of Ephesians. Wrestle-Rama is here!