The jungle is filled with mystery, excitement, and adventure waiting to be experienced. In this summer series, we are going to go on a Jungle Cruise through the pages of the Bible that even the most seasoned of jungle explorers will find unexplored. Along the way, we learn valuable lessons about how to navigate through the jungles of life.

Danger Lurks – Welcome to the Jungle (Session Five)

Be on your guard! The jungle is filled with dangerous creatures. Ananias and Sapphira learned the hard way that lying can be more dangerous than any creature in the jungle.
However, in the midst of that danger we find a little group of people who had discovered that God’s love is bigger than anything else in the entire universe. God’s goodness is bigger than human badness. His love makes the jungle survivable

Strange Sights and Sounds – Welcome to the Jungle (Session Four)

The jungle is filled with unfamiliar sights and sounds. They can be frightening and not knowing what they mean can paralyze us.
Many people feel that way in the jungle of life. Today with a few devotional thoughts we explore a moment in Scripture when strange writing appeared on the walls at King Balshazzar’s banquet. It was a sight no one had seen before. Then God used Daniel to deliver an important message to the king.

Rules of the Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle (Session Two)

A good explorer knows there are many dangers in the jungle and you must always be careful and stay on your guard.
You can’t decide to just ignore the rules of the jungle when you feel like it and expect nothing bad to happen. This study reminds us of what can go wrong and how to avoid it. If we pay attention to the rules of the jungle we have a better chance of surviving the jungle of life.

Raging Rapids – Welcome to the Jungle (Session One)

Sometimes the river waters are calm but watch out because they can turn into raging rapids without a moment’s notice. The passage talks about a battle that was filled with ups, downs, and unexpected twists. In the middle of the wild ride there is something going on that we can learn from. As we enter the jungle of life today – we are reminded of some things to remember when the rapids in life start raging!