Unstoppable is a new series and a new challenge to each of you from CCC Ministries. The idea is simple, if you are called by God to live life (and you are) then He is in the mix...if He is in the mix...then you should be unstoppable as you do the things you were created to do.So the question is...how do you live that way?

There is a call that echoes through the heart and soul of us all

It is a call that compels us to go forward…
It is a call that excites us….
It is a call that energizes us…
It is a call that can change us forever….

We are intrigued with it, we are captivated by it, we are romanced by it…

Then real life comes along!

Real life rolls in and dumps its baggage into the lap of our lives

Work, relationships, finances, time, health, and culture seems to clamor so loudly for attention that the call that echoes within gets drowned out by the noise

In those moments we have a decision to make…
A choice to make in our lives…

Who or what we listen to?
Who or what will get our attention?
Who or what will we let capture our energy?

A choice….

And that choice changes everything!

If we choose the baggage then we have made a decision to settle…

Settle for less, settle for mediocre, settle for cheap imitations and cheaper thrills

If we choose to follow the call within…

The call that comes from the Savior…

then something else happens

We become unstoppable!


Here are some basics you have to remember if you are going to live unstoppable!

 1.Start where you are. 

2.Use what you have.

 3.Do what you can.

 We trust that if each day we start where we are, use what we have and do what we can for His glory then He will use us to make a difference in the lives of others.

Success means saying “yes” to God’s best for  your life. True success has nothing to do with your title, your fame, or  your net worth. True success consists of being where God has put you,  using the talent and resources God has given you and carrying out the  unique mission God has assigned to you. If you say “yes” to God’s best  for your life, you will always be a success in God’s eyes, even if this  world calls you a failure. If we choose to live out His best plan for our lives…because of Him…we become unstoppable.