Here are the questions that you were invited to journal, answer, and ponder during Session One of Unstoppable Living.

Secrets of Unstoppable Living

Judges 3:31
Judges 5:6-8

The title above and the passages are the background for the first study in our Unstoppable series.

Below are the journal questions you were challenged to answer…


Journal the following three points…it is our outline for the day

You Can Be Unstoppable !
1) Start Where You Are

2) Use What You Have
3) Do What You Can

1.Start where you are.

(Judges 5:6-8)

Shamgar was just an average person-no different

He was an ordinary flesh-and-blood  human being who lived in extraordinary times, just as we do today.

Journal a few thoughts about the following questions


What carnival ride most symbolizes your life… a merry-go round or a roller coaster?


Sometimes we are afraid or offer excuses why we can’t do what we believe God wants us to do.


What are three fears or excuses that are keeping  you from chasing your God given goals?

2.Use what you have.

(Judges 3:31)

An  ox-goad is a long wooden pole that has been tipped with a sharpened  iron point at one end and capped with a flattened chisel-like iron blade  at the other end

Journal a few answers to the following…

What are three of the greatest blessings God has given you in your life?


What are two talents or gifts God has blessed you with in your life?

3.Do what you can.

(Judges 3:31)

When something is completely given into God’s hand for His use He will cause it to go further than it is supposed to go and do things it is not supposed to do.


Journal some thoughts about the following

What is one thing that you need to do that will get you more focused on following Jesus?


What is one thing that you can do today that will get you moving forward and started on doing what He has called you to do or be?