Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of history and Scripture as we uncover the remarkable yet often overlooked heroes of the Bible. In this compelling series we shine light on very people whose courage, faith, and resilience helped to shape the course of history in ancient times and changed the direction of history today. In The Unforgettables you will meet people that you haven’t forgotten, you just haven’t heard of – yet. But once you do, they are forever unforgettable!

Unforgettable Work of Art – The Unforgettables (Session Five)

Today is our final installment in the Unforgettable series…and in many ways, it has been unforgettable.

We have been challenged to “get off our bad moody booty” and start living lives that are unforgettable for Jesus. We have seen some strange stories and been introduced to some Biblical characters that we will never forget. Each of their lives, just like each of our lives, is an unforgettable work of art. And that is the title of the final installment in this series. Make sure you grab one of the deeper dive study guides to take home with you and get ready for another unforgettable person, whose story you will never ever forget.

This is a Christmas Story – The Unforgettables (Session Four)

Unforgettable people accent the pages of Scripture. As we have discovered in this series, these unforgettable people and their stories are there for a reason. In their life and times we find encouragement, help, and a road map that applies to our lives today. This latest installment is a Christmas story and the ripple effect of these events have impacted each of our lives today. So get ready to add a new chapter to our Unforgettable saga as we strive to live unforgettable lives and impact the world.

Stop! Hammer Time! – The Unforgettables (Session Three)

The Unforgettables is a series about discovering how to live an unforgettable life based on lessons we learn from some unforgettable people in the pages of Scripture. Once we hear their stories we never forget them and hopefully the life lessons will change us in the here and now. In the Unforgettable story of Ehud we learned to Ask (for help) Add (some muscle) & Activate (a plan). In the Unforgettable life of Dorcas we found we must Be (willing) Build (Relationships) & Boldly (Share). In the study today we add a new chapter and find out how to put our faith into action.

The Swell Gazelle (Made Well) – The Unforgettables (Session Two)

Last time in the Unforgettable story of Ehud we discovered 3 things we have to do to live unforgettable lives. Ask (for help) Add (some muscle) and Activate (a plan). Today we add a new story and chapter to our Unforgettable Saga as we find more help as we seek to be unforgettable followers. Today in the book of Acts we discover a gazelle made well.

Paunchy and Lefty – The Unforgettables (Session One)

Welcome to The Unforgettables-this series will take us into the pages of Scripture where we meet some people who are truly unforgettable. Now, you might find some names and stories you are not familiar with, that’s OK. You haven’t forgotten them, you just haven’t met them yet. But once you do – they are truly unforgettable. Their lives, their stories, and what we learn helps us as we live unforgettable lives and live out the legacy that God has called us to. Today, we discover some vital lessons for being successful in the story of Paunchy and Lefty. The story is a bit weird, but the story reminds us of what it takes to be successful for God.