Blessing and blessing others is important if we are going to be serious about following Jesus. Join us for this audio study as we take a deep dive into a familiar passage of scripture and discover some things that we need to know about blessing.

Unfooled: Living Wisely for Jesus in a Dangerous World (Session Four)

In this session, join Pastor Jeff as he delves into the concluding part of the Unfooled series, exploring the profound lessons from the wise men in Matthew 2. Discover the often-overlooked details about the treasures and gifts presented to Jesus and the significant historical context surrounding their journey. Uncover the contrast between the wise and foolish, as illustrated through the actions of Joseph and Herod, shedding light on the importance of obedience and the consequences of anger. Don’t miss the insights into the Magi’s gifts, the luxurious nature of Egypt, and the challenges faced by Joseph and his family during their time in this foreign land. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of scripture and history, providing valuable lessons for navigating life’s challenges with wisdom and obedience. #Unfooled #Wisdom #BiblicalInsights

Unfooled: Living Wisely for Jesus in a Dangerous World (Session Three)

Join us in this intriguing exploration of the Christmas story, delving into the untold aspects of the wise men’s journey. Unravel the historical context, uncover the hidden facts, and grasp the deeper layers of the narrative. In this series so far, we’ve unearthed nine valuable takeaways that offer a unique perspective on navigating a world filled with both foolishness and wisdom. Dive into the clash of kingdoms, understand the significance of the Magi, and witness the unfolding epic adventure that goes beyond the familiar Christmas tale. Get ready for a thought-provoking journey through Matthew chapter two, discovering insights that may reshape how you perceive the timeless story of Jesus’ birth.

Unfooled: Living Wisely for Jesus in a Dangerous World (Session Two)

In this YouTube session, Jeff explores the journey of the Magi in a historical context, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to details and learning from the past. The Magi, identified as king makers, embarked on a perilous journey with a large caravan, challenging the traditional image of three lonely kings on camels. Jeff highlights the Magi’s awareness of history, particularly the prophecies of Daniel, and their deliberate search for the King of the Jews to worship. The session encourages wise consideration of one’s own journey and the recognition of the significance of historical context in understanding the Christmas story.

Unfooled: Living Wisely for Jesus in a Dangerous World (Session One)

This session explores the significance of the story of the wise men from the Bible, specifically focusing on Matthew 2:1-12. Jeff delves into the historical and cultural context of the Magi, highlighting their role as influential king-makers in the ancient world. The narrative unfolds, emphasizing the awe-inspiring nature of the events described and the importance of maintaining a sense of wonder and appreciation for God’s work.

The series, titled “Unfooled: Living Wisely for Jesus in a Dangerous World,” aims to extract lessons from the seemingly overlooked characters of the wise men. Jeff encourages viewers to consider the complexity and danger of the world the Magi lived in, drawing parallels to the challenges of the present day. The narrative unfolds with insights into the Magi’s background, their journey, and the symbolic gifts they brought to Jesus.