We are each created in the Image of God. Our God is the God of Creation and each of us carry that little spark and a desire to create. In reality anyone who creates things can be considered a maker. A mother building a scrapbook of her baby is a maker, an electrical engineering student building his first project is a maker, and even that six year old building a city out of Lego blocks is a maker. This is a mini-series about Makers…and you, believe it or not, are a maker…what are you making? Glad you asked…let’s find out together…

Lifetime Memories – The Makers (Session Three) 11am

As a bonus celebration gathering in The Makers series, we built our celebration around baptism. This exciting time of worship, is a moment where you can get the chance to see people of all ages, publically stand and share with the world – they love Jesus and they are a follower!
It is a bold, powerful moment of worship. What you see here should become a lifetime memory… for each person baptized it is a lifetime memories…and as Makers we must allow moments like this to become memories for each of us as they remind us of the importance of what it means to follow and share the love of Jesus with others….

Making the Most of Life – The Makers (Session Two) 9am

Life is unpredictable to be sure, so we have to learn to make the most out of the time we are given. Far deeper than just seizing the day as the world would suggest, we have the chance to redeem and use the time we have been gifted with in righteous ways. You are a maker, made in His image to be a force of change in the world around you. How do you make the most out of the life He gives to you?

Making Memories – The Makers (Session One)

We are always collecting the stuff that makes memories…it is a habit for most of us, a lifestyle for some…do are we making the right memories? Today we talk about the importance of making memories and how we do it in a way that brings a value and zest to living that we all need…you are a maker…believe or not and this is how God made you…

Get ready to make some memories today