John 5:1-13 | Missing Verse | Pool of Bethesda | Stirring the Water
This is a very special week at The Church @ 434. It is officially an In-Between week. That means that we are in-between celebration worship series and that makes this a week where we have a stand-alone study that bridges the gap. You know being in-between doesn’t have to be scary and this week we explore an incredible piece of Scripture. It is a mixture of a loaded question, a missing mysterious verse, and a wacky answer that all teaches us some things about our own lives. So let’s get ready to have some fun. Pull up a lawn chair and let’s sit down for a few minutes and meet the fool at the pool…

During the worship service, Jeff mentioned the scene from The Chosen. We have included it below for you to see.

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  1. Where are you Going? (v.5-7)
  2. What will happen when you get there? (v.8)
  3. Is there where I need to be? (v.8-13)

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The Fool at the Pool

by Church @ 434 | Worship Audio

The Fool at the Pool

by Church @ 434 | Sermon Audio

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