Blessing and blessing others is important if we are going to be serious about following Jesus. Join us for this audio study as we take a deep dive into a familiar passage of scripture and discover some things that we need to know about blessing.

The Fog of War (Session Two)

The session continues the look at the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East. Jeff discusses the biblical background of the conflict and emphasizes the importance of understanding and interpreting current events from a biblical perspective. He also addresses various questions and controversies surrounding the conflict, including whether Christians should speak out on the issue and whether Israel’s response is disproportionate. Jeff suggests that Iran is the driving force behind the conflict and outlines a scenario in which Israel could reclaim lost territory. He concludes with a reminder that God is in control and that believers should find peace, hope, and security in their faith.

The Fog of War (Session One)

This series is focusing on the concept of the “fog of war.” We approach the topic with a biblical and historical lens, emphasizing the importance of having a spiritual perspective in times of fear. Jeff outlines four common responses to fear: denial, despair, death acceptance, and the positive alternative of finding hope in God. He argues that the current challenges in the world should be viewed through a biblical worldview, identifying a spiritual problem rather than just political or geopolitical issues. He also delves into recent events, particularly the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and highlights the role of Iran in sponsoring terrorist groups. Reflections on the promised land in the Bible and the uncertainty of current geopolitical situations are also discussed, arguing that it is a battle of good versus evil. Jeff criticizes the response of some individuals and organizations, including the U.S. government, for what they perceive as a lack of understanding of the true nature of the conflict and that the current events align with biblical prophecies about the end times and expresses concern about rising anti-Semitism and a perceived delusion in society.