Jesus does not want more from you. Now, that is good news because, well – let’s be honest…most days we feel like we have tapped out. The pace and pressure of life wears us down. In this series we find a way to keep all the icky stuff in life in perspective…so if you are ready to say goodbye to discouragement, frustration, fear, and isolation – then this series is for you. The truth is Jesus does not want more from you – Jesus desires MORE OF you…and understanding that makes all the difference!

The Tangled Angle – Stuck (Session Five)

The STUCK series has been all about being connected to Jesus. As we wrap up the series there is one more connection that you must get right in order to put all of the stuff in STUCK into the right place in your life. Jesus does have a life that is just waiting for you to start living – and the great news is that He tells us exactly how that can happen. The tragedy is that far too many people think they know better and prove that they really don’t. Here is a new angle for you to study today as you worship.

Get Snippy or Get the Chainsaw – Stuck (Session Four)

How STUCK are you to Jesus? Our series has carried us into the understanding the importance but also some very practical advice on what we must do to live the life we were created to live. We continue that adventure today as we take an honest look at something called pruning. That can be a frightening concept for some and a foreign concept for others, but as a follower of Jesus we need to understand and embrace it. Get ready – we can use the snippers or the chainsaw, but pruning has to happen!

Velcro – Don’t Rip it Off! – Stuck (Session Three) – Surge Day

Today is an amazing day. We are in a series where we are discovering the importance of being “stuck” to Jesus. We have been building on the idea that – Jesus doesn’t want more FROM you – He wants more OF you We will continue our series today by thinking about Velcro…yep, that’s right Velcro. And this morning we are also celebrating the amazing stuff that God has been doing here at The Church @ 434. It is our SURGE day – our birthday as a ministry – and as we move into the future God has for us, what an important concept to be dealing with…stuck to Him, stuck to one another, and stuck in the adventure He has called us to… welcome to a Velcro Surge Day

Holy Ghosted or Just Ghosted? – Stuck (Session Two)

We have already discovered in STUCK – the series, that the call of Jesus is a call to be and stay connected to him. While we focus on production He clearly tells us it more important to be connected. But the passage also talks about some confusing stuff, like burning branches and cutting them off. Believe it or not, one of the keys to really understanding what it means to be “stuck on Jesus’ is found in these sometimes troubling verses. Today is a good day and you are going to learn some very important things!

The 36th Second – Stuck (Session One)

A new series – STUCK begins today. Stuck is a loaded word. There are a lot of meanings and implications. You can be stuck and it can be a bad thing…or…you might find that being stuck is a good thing. What’s the difference? That is something we will find out in the days ahead. We begin with an honest look at how we move forward into those moments beyond the 36th seconds we all experience in life. Being stuck is the answer.