We are about to take some thrilling adventures through the Old West-ament (See how we did that?) When we read the Old Testament, it often seems likes a rough and rugged place – like the American Old West. But when we look a little closer, we see that even in some of the wildest events that happened, God had a plan. God’s plan then is the same plan He has now, to let the world know who God is and how much He loves us. Get ready to giddy-up and Ride for the Brand!

Saddle Up – Anyway (True Grit – John Wayne) – Ride for the Brand (Session Four)

This celebration worship event concludes our Ride for the Brand series, which is built upon asking and answering the question – will you live up to the calling that God has for you and your life?

Once again, we turn back into the thrilling pages of the Old Westement and grab the snapshot that God gives us of a man with True Grit. What we know about his life gives us the clues and the questions to answer as we decide if we want to ride for the brand that God has for each of us…the adventure and your destiny awaits!

High Noon (Pale Rider – Clint Eastwood) – Ride for the Brand (Session Three)

In the Old West, the final shootout often took place at “high noon” when the sun was highest in the sky. When the five kings of the Amorites came against the Israelites, it would take a miracle for the people of God to defeat them before the sun went down. What happens next is the stuff of legend…and reveals some important realities for us as we “ride for the brand” and live legendary lives.

Honesty and Integrity – The Longmire Legacy (Longmire – Walt Longmire) – Ride for the Brand (Session Two)

In Ride for the Brand, we are unapologetically looking at how we can live legendary lives. God has called us to do so. In this study we discover that honesty and integrity are essential in closing the gap between the way things are and the way things ought to be. When we start becoming the stuff of legend – honesty and integrity allow us to live our faith in front of others in ways that honors God.

Go West, Young Man (Yellowstone – John Dutton) – Ride for the Brand (Session One)

In week one we start in Genesis. Genesis is our Yellowstone in some ways… one of the popular streaming shows of the day features the story of the Dutton family. John Dutton is the lead character, Yellowstone is the largest ranch in Montana, and the Duttons moved west years ago and settled the land. Many people flocked to the Old West because it was a chance to start over in a place where there weren’t many people. In our passage – God called Abram to move to an unfamiliar place and promised to make a great nation from him. His family would be one that would impact and influence generations. Abram trusted God, and knew one day the promise would be fulfilled. That is where our epic western adventure begins… Go West Young Man.