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Welcome to The Unforgettables-this series will take us into the pages of Scripture where we meet some people who are truly unforgettable. Now, you might find some names and stories you are not familiar with, that’s OK. You haven’t forgotten them, you just haven’t met them yet. But once you do – they are truly unforgettable. Their lives, their stories, and what we learn helps us as we live unforgettable lives and live out the legacy that God has called us to. Today, we discover some vital lessons for being successful in the story of Paunchy and Lefty. The story is a bit weird, but the story reminds us of what it takes to be successful for God.

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  1. Ask for Help (v. 15)
  2. Add some Muscle (v. 21)
  3. Activate a Plan (v. 23-30)

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Paunchy and Lefty – The Unforgettables (Session One)

by Church @ 434 | Worship Audio

Paunchy and Lefty – The Unforgettables (Session One)

by Church @ 434 | Sermon Audio

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