We all know what it is like to get walloped by a mis… not sure what that means? Lets say it this way - we need to have a faith that can withstand whatever the world brings our direction: those who mistreat us, mislead us, and misdirect us. (see all three words start with mis?) We would love to miss out on mistreatment, misleading, and misdirection. While we can’t miss out on those things, we can have a faith that is unstoppable, even when life is unfair, even when everyone around us is moving a different direction.

What You Have is Contagious – Missing Out (Session Three)

We have been Missing Out together in this series…in essence we have been taking a practical look at how we can keep from missing out on what God has for us and who we are called to be! In a hectic, busy, and confusing world…understanding and being able to live out these Biblical principles is more important than ever. Today we wrap up this series by making sure that we put into place something we all need – character. Character is contagious and we have to make sure that our character lines up with the plans of our Heavenly Father.

Don’t! Do It! – Missing Out (Session Two)

In our Missing Out series we are talking about how to navigate a world where misunderstanding, miscommunication, mistakes, and mistreatment are very real. Missing out on those “mis” items is helpful and freeing. Today we look at a passage of Scripture that helps remind us how to keep our heads when everyone around us seems to be losing theirs. These days that is useful, practical, and helpful – so get ready to miss out….

When the Sugar Cookie Crumbles – Missing Out (Session One)

All of us have been mistreated, mislead, and suffered from some misdirection in our lives. There are moments, when we think to ourselves… “it is just not fair.” When you think that way – you are correct, but the way you think it and what you do with those thoughts matter. If you have faith in Jesus we have some clear direction to help us when the sugar cookie crumbles, so your days of thinking life is not fair can come to a screeching halt.