We on an amazing planet that God has created. This planet is loaded with mystery and discovery. Imagine what it might have been like to live in an era where human beings lived alongside some of the most massive, frightening, and mysterious creatures ever created. This is not science fiction, this is actually a look at some amazing creatures that have been lost in the years with the passing of time. But these creatures can teach us much about their Creator, the times they thrived within, and some things we can learn from them.

Monster Mash – Jurassic Ark (Session Three)

In our Jurassic Ark series we have been discovering some amazing creatures in the Bible. Most importantly in them, we have seen how we are not created for extinction but instead to survive and thrive. In this session we find “The Monster” and there is a very strong possibility that you will dig up something from Scripture that you have never seen before…and find that what we learn from this creature gives us guidelines for discovering how to live real life.

Paleontology Theology – Jurassic Ark (Session Two)

Welcome once again to Jurassic Ark. Today we do some digging into what may be the most amazing creature in all of the Bible. This one is a dinosaur digger’s dream. No creature is completely described and so terrifying in description (the entire 41st chapter of Job is devoted to this creature)- and today…we dig in to make some discoveries about this ancient dinosaur but most importantly some discoveries about each of us. Let’s get ready to dig in – (see how we did that just then?)

The Beast – Jurassic Ark (Session One)

God’s creation is a fascinating and still mysterious one. Creatures that defy imagination make up this wonderful world that God has made. This series we go back – way back – and discover some creatures that you may not know too much about but were very real. Welcome to Jurassic Ark! The first stop on our tour is to see The Beast –but as we explore this beast we are going to learn something about ourselves…which of course, makes the exploration even more fun.