Faith Based Risks | Joshua 14 & 15 | Journey of Faith | Moving Forward
Risk taking is an essential ingredient in stepping into the life that God has for you. In our Gotta Go series we are challenging ourselves with the truth we find in God’s Word on how to move forward in our journey of faith. Last week we looked specifically at some traps that we need to avoid that always trip us up when we get serious for Jesus. Today we look at some things that we have to make a priority in our world if we are ever going to get to the places and do the things that God has in store for us on our adventure of faith.

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  • Principle: One person wiht passion is better than forty people merely interested
  1. Exuberant About Their Lives (v. 14:10-11)
    • Principle: God created us to count, not to be counted
  2. Excited About their Futures (v. 14:12)
    • Principle: If you can’t get excited about the future, then the past won’t matter
  3. Enthusiastic About Their Assignment (v. 15:14)
    • Principle: Don’t live as if comfort and luxury are the chief ingredients of life – what we need to bring us joy is something to be enthusiastic about


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Holy Wholly – Gotta Go… (Session Four)

by Church @ 434 | Worship Audio

Holy Wholly – Gotta Go… (Session Four)

by Church @ 434 | Sermon Audio

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