Direction | Getting from here to there | Joshua 1:8 | What's going to happen | Will I be ready
Here we are at the start of new year. As the days stretch out before us the question always wanders across our minds and hearts… what does this year hold? What is going to happen next? Will I be ready? How do I get ready? How do I get from here to there? Those are all great questions and so we begin a new year. This week, we give you the answer – you Forge Ahead! But relax, we are not only going to give you the answer, but we are going to give some Biblical helps on how to get “There”

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  1. Potential Direction
  2. General Direction
  3. Specific Direction

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Forge Ahead – THERE (Session One)

by Church @ 434 | Worship Audio

Forge Ahead – THERE (Session One)

by Church @ 434 | Sermon Audio

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