Blessing and blessing others is important if we are going to be serious about following Jesus. Join us for this audio study as we take a deep dive into a familiar passage of scripture and discover some things that we need to know about blessing.

Living on the Extreme Edge: Embracing God’s Calling in a Post-Christian World – Extremes (Session Four)

In this closing session of our Extremes series, Jeff challenges believers to live boldly and unapologetically as followers of Christ in a society that increasingly views Christian values as “extreme.” Drawing from thought-provoking statistics and biblical truths, he encourages Christians to cultivate a strong connection with God, live out their faith openly, use their gifts and talents in service, build authentic relationships, and prioritize their physical and mental well-being. The message inspires listeners to embrace their calling as “redeemed and extremely dangerous” agents of change in a world that desperately needs the transformative power of the Gospel.
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Living as God’s Workmanship: Embracing the Church’s Calling – Extremes (Session Three)

In this session, Jeff challenges us to embrace the church’s role as God’s plan for changing the world. Through contrasting the foolishness of living for self with the wisdom of faithful obedience, he urges Christians to courageously live out their divine purpose. Doing the good works God prepared strengthens our faith, develops godly character, and multiplies the impact of our days as we become outposts of God’s kingdom.
#GodsPlan #FaithfulObedience #DivinePurpose #MultiplyingImpact #OutpostsOfTheKingdom #GodsCraftsmanship

Jesus is Not a Zombie! – Extremes (Session Two)

In this hilarious yet insightful session, a pastor tackles the profound question posed by a young boy – “Is Jesus a zombie?” Using both humor and rigorous theological analysis, the pastor not only definitively explains why Jesus is not a zombie, but eloquently unpacks the true meaning and transformative power of Christ’s resurrection. From exploring the biblical differences between zombies and the resurrected savior, to emphasizing the adventurous, risk-taking nature of authentic faith, this engaging talk offers a refreshingly original perspective on following Jesus. Packed with thought-provoking insights on topics like Christian boldness, spiritual freedom, and the lifelong process of becoming who God created us to be, this sermon is a must-watch for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the resurrection and its implications for daily life.
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Unlocking the Courage to Live Boldly for Christ – Extremes (Session One)

In this powerful first session of our study, Jeff challenges believers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace a life of extremes for Christ. Exploring themes of freedom, transformation, and unwavering faith, this message encourages viewers to let go of complacency and become agents of change in a rapidly shifting world. A must-watch for those seeking to deepen their relationship with God and make a lasting impact for His kingdom.
#FaithInAction #ChristianGrowth #ExtremeDisciples #LivingBoldly #KingdomImpact