If you have ever looked at the world around you and thought – It is Crazy out there…then you are not alone. But have you ever wondered in a world of craziness – how do you manage to keep on the Speedway of Sanity???? This series looks in a fun sort of way at a serious topic with the intent – to make sure that you are able to navigate the crazy world we live in…

Phenomenal Lanes of Funk and Faith – Driving You Crazy (Session Five)

The Bible is full of examples of people who ran full speed away from God and smacked right into crazy before realizing there’s a way out.

And as we study the depression Elijah experienced, we discover that his behavior was only temporary. It happened when he got in the wrong lanes.

But there is hope. When he encountered God, he found out exactly what it takes to crawl away from crazy and stay on the Speedway of Sanity.

We All Need a Baal-Out – Driving You Crazy (Session Four)

We make decisions every day. Sometimes, though, we waiver between two sides hoping to be on the right side when the time comes to act. But if we aren’t careful, that indecision can get us into some serious trouble. It leaves us in a world of craziness.

In this session we find an Old Testament prophet who made a decision and stood firm, even though it seemed crazy in the face of massive opposition.

Sometimes we need help… how do we find it? Where does it come from? This is the clash between the good kind of crazy and the bad kind of cra-cra-crazy.

Historical Hysterical Insanity – Driving You Crazy (Session Two)

Pride is one of most dangerous and powerful forces we can face in life.

In fact, it can drive us completely crazy. Because when pride walks into our lives, it demands that we take a step back from God.

And when that happens, the floodgates of crazy are wide open.

But as we will see, if we’ll continue to learn from the past and heed the writing on the wall of history, we may just be able to keep crazy at bay.

If we can learn to do that – we will find ourselves right smack in the middle of the Speedway of Sanity

The Ride of Pride – Driving You Crazy (Session One)

Crazy does not just happen in our lives. There is an actual cause to craziness. Now that is good to know, but there is something else to understand.

If there is a cause then there is also a way to avoid it. The secret begins in learning and remembering one powerful truth – We are not God.

Today we look at the cause and how to make sure we are not part of the problem