Churchnado, what else is there to say? SURGE DAY event and CORE study.

Churchnado – Unleashing the How we Do it! – Session Four

In our Churchnado series we have explored the incredible power that we find in the people of God, being the people of God. The plan of God to use His people, the called out, the church is something that we have not always understood or fully embraced. The conclusion of this audio series reminds us of what we do and why we do it… and then dares to ask the question, “what if we really took that seriously?”

Churchnado – Unleashing the Reality of Who We Are – Session Three

If we are ever going to be the people that chagne the world we have to learn, remember, and embrace an important truth – we have to unleash the reality of who we are! Now when you first ponder that, it might not sound too appealing, but this is about being who we are… so listen to this study, you need to hear what we are talking about!


The worship experience celebrating 3 years since Covenant Community Church and FBC Winter Springs SURGED together as one ministry and 25 years since each ministry started.

Churchnado – Unleashing the Impact of Better Together – Session Two

In this audio series we dare to ask some very big “What If?” questions – and as we do, we are exploring the possibilities and the power of the church – the people of God doing what they were created and gifted to do. In this study, we begin thinking about the way we are created by God for community. If this is how He created us, this is also how He uses us, together we are better – imagine the impact if we really understood what that means.

Churchnado – Unleashing the power of the church in the world – Session One

The world we live in can be tough. But there is an incredible force of change that can blow through it… when the power of God’s people – the church, take seriously the call God has given them, then anything can happen. Even a Churchnado! This audio series unpacks some concepts that inspired the Churchnado Celebration Worship event.