Christmas Dreams celebrates Christmas 365 days a year because some kids just can’t wait for Christmas.

Every day 32 children are diagnosed with cancer in the USA. This is a day that forever changes the life of those children and their families. Days are filled with doctor visits, needles, tests and waiting for results. The nightmare is real and overwhelming. One out of every 5 children diagnosed will not survive.

Christmas Dreams steps into this world and offers a temporary escape from the nightmare and brings the magic, wonder, and hope that only Christmas can provide.

According to Make a Wish, “Wishes (or in our case “dreams”) can increase the physical and emotional well-being of these kids, and create happy, lifelong memories. In fact, wish experiences are as much about the days that follow, as they are about the wish itself – because the impact of a wish can last forever. A wish experience can truly change a child’s life.”

That is our goal, as we make the Christmas Dreams of children come true, we help families create memories to last a lifetime, we bring cheer and instill hope.

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