When it seems the magic slipped away. We find it all again on Christmas Day. Believe in what your heart is saying. Hear the melody that's playing. There's no time to waste. There's so much to celebrate. It is more than just a busy season. It will change your heart if you find the reason. Believe... The Church @ 434 Christmas Celebration

Believe and Make Christmas Stay – Believe (Session Five)

Christmas comes and goes so quickly. But the way we believe changes the way we think about and remember Christmas. We once again face the start of a brand new year and you have to make a decision. Do you let the lessons and memories of this Christmas make you stronger and closer to Jesus or do you let the moments slip away? In this study, we continue in Luke 2, but we think about the importance of belief and how we make Christmas last.

Believe in the Details – Believe (Session Four)

Welcome to the Sunday before Christmas! This morning we continue our Believe series as we look at the details. It is going to be an exciting morning of worship.
There is much to praise Him for as we gather to celebrate His birth! Get Ready, the celebration is about to begin.

The Sense of Believe – Believe (Session Three)

Believe is the title of the Christmas series here at The Church @ 434 and we are pondering the real meaning of Christmas and how it impacts what we really believe. Today we revisit that very first Christmas morning and discover that it makes sense and our senses become a part of our belief. Get ready, Christmas time is here and the celebration continues.

Believing Anyway – Believe (Session Two)

Believe is our Christmas celebration at The Church @ 434. We are understanding that when the followers of Jesus say they “believe” it means something very different than what someone who does not yet follow Jesus means when they say it. But when we look at the Christmas celebration through the lens of believing – we realize we have so much more to be thankful for. One of the amazing things about believing is that is not always convenient and we can’t always understand what is really happening around us… but there are some valuable lessons we can discover from the very first Christmas that can change our lives today.

Wanting to Believe – Believe (Session One)

Deeply embedded in the story of Christmas is a word that takes us from simply hearing about the birth of Christ to allowing our lives to be transformed by His love. The word is “Believe.”

It is with an expectant heart that we believe. With this belief we find hope and peace through the Song that God sent down to earth. For a follower of Jesus the word “Believe” used during the Christmas season is loaded with hope and excitement. Yet the word “Believe” is also tossed around this time of year by others who have no idea what to really believe in. So as we begin this Christmas celebration, it is time to climb aboard for the journey of a lifetime and experience Christmas in a real, electrifying, and life changing way. When it seems that magic of life has slipped away – we find it all again on Christmas Day.

So how about you? Are you ready and wanting to believe?