Communion | Dinner with Jesus | Lord's Supper | Love | Matthew 26:17-31
Our HOLD ON series continues with a very special time of Worship. This worship experience is built around the Lord's Supper. That dinner conversation, between Jesus and His disciples, gives us some powerful reminders of how much we are loved, what that love means, and how it changes us. We will get a chance to go to the table and experience it in 3-D and when we are done, we walk away with hope for the future that we can hold on to. NOTE: You can participate in the Lord's Supper on-line. Take a few moments and put together the elements you need. Pastor Jeff will let you know what to do with them at the right time.

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  1. A Dinner Design (v. 17-19)
  2. A Dinner Disclosure (v. 20-25)
  3. A Dinner Discovery (v. 26-31)

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3-D Dinner – Hold On! (Session Three)

by Church @ 434 | Worship Audio

3-D Dinner – Hold On! (Session Three)

by Church @ 434 | Sermon Audio

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