Jurassic World Leadership Lessons – S1 – Episode 2 (S1E2)

In this episode, we get two leadership lessons from Jurassic World. Leaders are never satisfied and New generates momentum.

Paleontology Theology – Jurassic Ark (Session Two)

Welcome once again to Jurassic Ark. Today we do some digging into what may be the most amazing creature in all of the Bible. This one is a dinosaur digger’s dream. No creature is completely described and so terrifying in description (the entire 41st chapter of Job is devoted to this creature)- and today…we dig in to make some discoveries about this ancient dinosaur but most importantly some discoveries about each of us. Let’s get ready to dig in – (see how we did that just then?)

Jurassic World Life Lessons – S1 – Episode 2 (S1E2)

In this episode, we look at respecting the animals and creatures that God has given us.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 26 (S4E26)

In this episode, we look at how we need to be careful to avoid outrage and angry outbursts.

Jurassic World Leadership Lessons – S1 – Episode 1 (S1E1)

In this limited run series, we will be exploring some leadership lessons that we learn from the Jurassic World/Park films. In this episode, we look at how excellence becomes average, when it is all that you have.

Jurassic World Life Lessons – S1 – Episode 1 (S1E1)

In this limited run series, we take a look at life lessons to be learned from the Jurassic World/Park movies. In this first episode, we look at how humanity should remember its place and be wise with the power we are given.

Wisdom From the Hen Den – S1 – Episode 2 (S1E2)

In this episode, we look at the Chicken Dance.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 25 (S4E25)

In this episode, we look at how we react when we are not where we want to be.

The Beast – Jurassic Ark (Session One)

God’s creation is a fascinating and still mysterious one. Creatures that defy imagination make up this wonderful world that God has made. This series we go back – way back – and discover some creatures that you may not know too much about but were very real. Welcome to Jurassic Ark! The first stop on our tour is to see The Beast –but as we explore this beast we are going to learn something about ourselves…which of course, makes the exploration even more fun.

Ask Jeff – Episode 31 (S1E31)

I’m So Glad You Asked That!!! (Session Three)

We Need A Little Christmas – Episode 31 (S1E31)

In this episode, we take a look at the history behind the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 24 (S4E24)

In this episode, we look at being annoyed and how the frustration should only be temporary.

Ask Jeff – Episode 30 (S1E30)

I’m So Glad You Asked That!!! (Session Two)

On the Horizon – Episode 11 (S1E11)

In this episode, our special guest is Scott Colangelo.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 23 (S4E23)

In this episode, we look at anxiety, depression and self doubt. We see how we are not left alone during those times and they are only for a season.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost – Ghost Stories (Session Five)

This is the last installment in our Ghost Stories series and we have been talking about the Holy Ghost. That is all well and good and over the past few weeks we have seen and learned a lot about the Holy Spirit, but in a real practical sense we need to ask – So What?

It is good information, to be sure, but what does it mean right now to each of us…well, fear not…the Holy Ghost is nothing to be afraid of – instead we should be excited about what He does in our lives!

Wisdom From the Hen Den – S1 – Episode 1 (S1E1)

In this episode, we look at why the why question is the wrong question.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 22 (S4E22)

In this episode, we look at the moments when you feel like you are carrying a heavy burden.

On the Horizon – Episode 10 (S1E10)

In this episode, we talk to Jeff Bloom

Ask Jeff – Episode 29 (S1E29)

In the next four episodes, we will be presenting the Sonrise Bible Study series, entitled I’m So Glad You Asked That!!!. Here is session one.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop – S4 – Episode 21 (S4E21)

In this episode, we look at Job’s life, fundamental fears and traveling the unknown.

Zig Zag – Episode 9 (S1E9)

In the conclusion of the series, Jeff summarizes where we have been and provides some closing thoughts.

You Look Like You’ve Seen a Ghost – Ghost Stories (Session Four)

Ghost Stories is giving us a chance to explore and understand a bit more about the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God. Today we spend a few moments finding out some of the important characteristics of the Holy Spirit and most importantly – why that matters to each of us.

Zig Zag – Episode 8 (S1E8)

In this episode, we look at Revelation 19-21 and the return of Christ, the aftermath and how eternity is moving into place.

Zig Zag – Episode 7 (S1E7)

In this episode, we look at Revelation 14-19 at the Bowls of Wrath, the collapse of Babylon and the Hallelujah Chorus

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Recent Worship Service Series

Jurassic Ark Series

Jurassic Ark Series

We on an amazing planet that God has created. This planet is loaded with mystery and discovery. Imagine what it might have been like to live in an era where human beings lived alongside some of the most massive, frightening, and mysterious creatures ever created. This is not science fiction, this is actually a look at some amazing creatures that have been lost in the years with the passing of time. But these creatures can teach us much about their Creator, the times they thrived within, and some things we can learn from them.

Ghost Stories Series

Ghost Stories Series

This series explores the wonder and the mystery of the Holy Spirit (also known as the Holy Ghost), and examines His work in the lives of followers everywhere. This crash course will allow us to get to know the Holy Spirit better and to walk with Him through every part of our daily lives. The better we know His story – the more we are empowered to love others, talk about Jesus, and live lives that make a difference.

We Know Series

We Know Series

It is Easter at The Church @ 434. We are thrilled that you are on the adventure with us this morning. It is safe to say that the world we live in can be overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes just plain scary. What if we could know the source of hope, peace, and future? The good news is that we can- it is true – we can know. In this unique blending of all the passages from the gospels that describe that first Easter morning, we will see how God was making sure that we got the complete picture of what was happening – so we can know. And, when we know, then we have something to live for, to love for, and to share with others – We Know…Easter @ 434

The Makers Series

The Makers Series

We are each created in the Image of God. Our God is the God of Creation and each of us carry that little spark and a desire to create. In reality anyone who creates things can be considered a maker. A mother building a scrapbook of her baby is a maker, an electrical engineering student building his first project is a maker, and even that six year old building a city out of Lego blocks is a maker.

This is a mini-series about Makers…and you, believe it or not, are a maker…what are you making? Glad you asked…let’s find out together…

Recent Sonrise & CORE Studies

Ghost Tours CORE Series

Ghost Tours CORE Series

It is amazing how many times the Bible makes reference to a concept called “walking in the Spirit”
If you think about it, it must be important if the idea shows up over and over again…but how do you do it? What does that look like?
In a supplemental study to our worship series called “Ghost Stories” you are invited to join us for “Ghost Tours”
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is familiar to all of us, so taking a walk with The Holy Ghost or a Ghost Tour is what we are exploring.

Under God or Over God CORE Series

Under God or Over God CORE Series

In the pages of history, in the early days of the twentieth century, Germany did not look like a country on the brink of world shattering horror. Truth be told, and truth is so important… it looked like America today.
This series “Under God – Over God” takes a look at history and encourages us not to make the mistakes of days gone by but instead following God, Who always has a plan.
The choice is ours, will we as a people choose to live Under God or instead decide that the culture knows better and simply declare we are Over God?
Over the 4 week series we will discover 7 big concepts that we can prayerfully and hopefully engage as we live through this era in history where our faith really counts.

A Lot Going On

A Lot Going On

In the final hours before Jesus was crucified, His focus shifted to making sure His closest friends understood what they would need to know. Those conversations are some of the most meaningful in all of Scripture. This series takes us into the Upper Room and beyond as we discover what they mean to us today.

A Glimpse of Reality CORE Series

A Glimpse of Reality CORE Series

This is the first session of the A Glimpse of Reality CORE study. In this series we look at predictions of the past, about the future, and the realities of life.

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