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A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s6e37) – Navigating Life’s Mirrors: Embrace Imperfections and Find Your Path

In this inspiring video, we explore the challenges of navigating life, akin to finding your way through a house of mirrors. When life’s reflections deceive and pathways seem unclear, remember that imperfections are where God’s greatest work begins. Join us as we discuss how breaking through life’s illusions can reveal the path God has designed for you, turning flaws into strengths and guiding you forward. Don’t fear the cracks in your mirror; they are the marks of divine craftsmanship.
#EmbraceImperfections #GodsPlan #LifeLessons #OvercomingObstacles #FindYourPath

The Greatest All Time Study on Spiritual Gifts in the History of Humanity (s1e11) – Speaking Gifts

Join us in this enlightening series as we delve into the fascinating world of spiritual gifts. In this episode, we shift our focus to the speaking gifts mentioned in Scripture, such as apostleship, prophecy, teaching, and more. We discuss their significance, purpose, and how to effectively use them in ministry. Whether you’re familiar with spiritual gifts or just beginning your journey, this episode offers valuable insights to enhance your understanding and application of these divine gifts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow in your spiritual walk!
#SpiritualGifts #SpeakingGifts #Apostleship #Prophecy #Teaching #Evangelism

Route 66: A Journey Through the Bible (s1e19) – Different Accounts of the Same Thing

In this episode, we delve into Genesis chapter 2, examining verses 4-25. Discover the distinct details of the second creation account and understand why the Bible presents two narratives of creation. Join us as we explore the harmony between Genesis 1 and 2, uncovering the divine insights and deeper meanings behind these foundational texts. Don’t miss our journey through God’s Word as we continue our study down Route 66.
#Genesis #CreationAccounts #BiblicalInsights #FaithJourney #ScriptureExploration

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s6e36) – Discovering Truth and Hope in a World Without Sin

Welcome to another edition of The Carpenter Shop! Today, we delve into the message of 1 John 1:8, exploring the fading concept of sin in our secular world. Join us as we reflect on our brokenness and the essential need for God in our lives. Learn why recognizing our flaws is the first step toward finding hope and salvation in Jesus. Share this message of hope and trust in the Holy Spirit to guide you as you spread the word.
#HopeInJesus #SinAndSalvation #SecularWorld #SpiritualReflection #HolySpiritGuidance

We Need A Little Christmas (s2e13) – The Sweet History of Christmas Cookies

Join LeeAnn in this festive episode of “We Need a Little Christmas” as she delves into the delightful history of Christmas cookies. Discover how these beloved treats evolved from ancient winter solstice celebrations in Rome, Norway, West Africa, and Ireland. Learn about the transition from medieval pastries to the spiced cookies we adore today, and uncover the origins of gingerbread men thanks to Queen Elizabeth I. Enhance your holiday season with fascinating trivia to share as you bake and enjoy your own cookies. Merry Christmas today and every day!
#ChristmasCookies #HolidayBaking #FestiveHistory #GingerbreadMen #WinterSolstice #HolidayTraditions #HolidayTreats

Oh Heavens (s1e19) – Heavenly Rewards: What Will You Do with Them?

In this episode of “Oh, Heavens,” we explore the ultimate purpose of the rewards we receive in heaven. Discover the significance of these heavenly awards and the powerful act of giving them back to Jesus as a testament to His glory and worthiness. Join us as we delve into Revelation 4:10-11 and 1 Corinthians 13:12 to understand how living faithfully on Earth prepares us for this sacred moment.
#HeavenlyRewards #FaithJourney #SpiritualGrowth #EternalPurpose

The Maverick – Phenomenal (Session Four)

Today we continue our series called The Phenomenal as we continue to look at the book of John. Last time we saw Jesus as The Rule Buster, this week we dig deeper into the very same passage of Scripture and see Jesus as The Maverick. The religious leaders are losing their mind over mat-carrying mayhem. Instead of celebrating the miracle, they stumble over holy day rules and end up plotting to take Jesus down. The miraculous healing, the rule breaking, and a theological showdown unfolds and we find out some essential lessons each of us need to learn if we are going to live Phenomenal lives.

CORE Stuff (s5e16) – Unraveling the Mystery of God’s Celestial Call – Grave Robber (Session Four)

This session concludes our series on the rapture, discussing various theories about how it might occur globally, what happens to our bodies during the event, and other instances of rapture in the Bible. Jeff emphasizes the importance of truth, the significance of Jesus’ actions, and the excitement of looking forward to our eternal home with God.
#Rapture #EndTimes #GodsPlan #TruthMatters #HeavenlyHome

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s6e35) – Embracing Mistakes: Finding Grace and Growth in Life’s Messes

Welcome to the Carpenter’s Shop, where life’s messes meet the master craftsman’s touch. Through relatable anecdotes of pets and children creating chaos, we explore the profound lesson of grace and reconciliation. Discover how God’s unwavering love helps us clean up our messes and gives us the confidence to grow. Join us as we delve into the book of Colossians to understand the beauty of being loved despite our imperfections and the freedom it brings. Carry these lessons beyond the Carpenter’s Shop and into your everyday life.
#GraceInChaos #LifeLessons #FaithAndGrowth #Reconciliation #DivineLove #MessyLife

Hebrew For You (s1e4) – Discovering Hebrew: The Power of the Word “Ruach” (Spirit, Breath, Wind)

Join Jeff Dixon in this engaging episode of “Hebrew for You” as he dives into the multifaceted Hebrew word “Ruach,” which means spirit, breath, and wind. Learn how understanding this word can deepen your appreciation of Biblical imagery and the workings of the Holy Spirit. Jeff shares insights and reflections that connect Old Testament language with New Testament revelation, all while keeping the learning process light and approachable. Perfect for those looking to enrich their Bible study with a touch of Hebrew!
#HebrewLanguage #HolySpirit #BiblicalHebrew #Ruach #LearnHebrew #ScriptureStudy

Unraveling the Mystery of God’s Celestial Call- Grave Robber (Session Four)

This session concludes our series on the rapture, discussing various theories about how it might occur globally, what happens to our bodies during the event, and other instances of rapture in the Bible. Jeff emphasizes the importance of truth, the significance of Jesus’ actions, and the excitement of looking forward to our eternal home with God.
#Rapture #EndTimes #GodsPlan #TruthMatters #HeavenlyHome

Oh Heavens (s1e18) – Understanding the Judgment Seat of Christ: Not a Final Exam for Heaven

Join us in this episode of Oh Heavens as we explore the nature of the judgment seat of Christ. Many wonder if it’s a final exam for entry into heaven, but we’ll clarify its true purpose. Discover how this evaluation rewards believers for their Christian service rather than determining their eternal destination. Learn why there’s no need to worry, as Jesus has already secured our place in heaven through His sacrifice. Tune in for a reassuring and enlightening discussion.
#JudgmentSeatOfChrist #HeavenExplained #ChristianService #EternalLife

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s6e34) – Home Repairs and Heart Repairs: The Power of Love

Join us in the Carpenters Shop as we explore the parallels between home repairs and life renovations. Learn how the principles of fixing up your house can be applied to healing relationships and personal growth, all through the power of love as taught by the heavenly Father. Discover the true meaning of loving others selflessly, even when it’s challenging.
#HomeRepairs #LifeRenovation #LoveInAction #DIYInspiration #SpiritualGrowth

The Rule Buster – Phenomenal (Session Three)

Picture this – a poolside party where everyone is waiting for a miracle. This includes Mr. Can’t Get Wet, who has been stuck by the pool for a long, long, time. Then Jesus enters the scene and skips the waterworks, gets straight to the point, and breaks the rules and reminds us of what is really important and how He works. Apparently Jesus is more interested in us walking than swimming. The Phenomenal series continues this week as we do a deep dive into the pool and study John 5:1-10.

CORE Stuff (s5e15) – The Rapture Revealed: From Dust to Glory – Grave Robber (Session Three)

Dive into the intriguing world of the Rapture with this comprehensive, humorous, and thought-provoking guide. Discover what your resurrected body might look like, where you’ll live in Heaven, and even the funniest places to be when the Rapture occurs. Get excited, not scared, about this pivotal moment in Christian faith.
#RaptureReady #EndTimesExplained #NewBodiesNewLife #HeavenlyUpgrade #SecondComing #BibleProphecy

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