Storm Busters
By Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church
Nov 1, 2000, 19:25

Our World Headquarters are located in Central Florida. Here in Florida we spend a good portion of the year watching storm activity in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. These storms are known as hurricanes. If you think about these storms too much it can get a little nerve racking. Oh, sure, the National Weather Service tries to take the stress off by giving each of these storms nice names...but knowing that Hurricane Quasimodo is coming to visit just isn't very comforting.

I wonder if there isn't some way to snuff out a hurricane before it makes landfall. Think about it. Could you take bombs, drop them along a diameter just the right height and distance and detonate them in the air? If you could then the area around the eye of the storm (the eddy) could be dissipated and the energy of the storm would be gone. Now this is a super idea that would kill the storm mid-ocean.

Unfortunately, it can't be done. Richard Pasch, hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Center says that hurricanes are just too big and powerful. "The energy released in a hurricane is the equivalent of something like 500,000 atomic bombs." (I am impressed.) Alright, you can't bomb a hurricane. Is there anything that can be done?

According to the people at Project Storm Fury (PSF), a group designed by the government to be storm busters, you can seed it. PSF began in 1962 and continued until 1983 with debatable success. Here is the concept. A indicator of the intensity of the storm is the diameter of the eye. The tighter the eye, the more powerful the storm. So if you can widen the eye then the storm breaks up. That is what these researchers did. They tried to create a new "eye" farther out in the storm that would replace the existing one. They flew planes into hurricanes and dropped crystals of silver iodine which triggered the condensation of water vapor and formed a new eye. Did it work? Maybe. Half of the eight seeded formed new eyes and weakened. But these are the kinds of changes that happen all the time in nature. So it was tough to measure if it was nature or PSF.

The biggest problem for the government (this is a big surprise) were legal worries. What if the experts made the storm worse? What if they made it veer from one city toward another? Which storm do you weaken? Which city gets to be spared with limited hurricane-busting budgets? You can get the idea. So we just watch...because the storms are coming.

For believers, it is the same way. We try to do our best to avoid, change, and even manipulate the storms that come along in life. Sometimes it seems to work, other times it makes matters worse, other times (even though we use a lot of energy) it doesn't seem to change anything. Now please understand that there isn't anything wrong with doing your best to control the storms that come along in life, but don't get frustrated because they are a reality. Jesus warned us in the Bible they would come...the key to surviving the storm is to be prepared. That means you anchor yourself to Jesus. He is able to carry you through any storm and that is something that you can rest in. Think about it...

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