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Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 19:54

If someone were to ask you what is the difference between a typhoon and hurricane could you give them an answer? They are actually both cyclones with different names. A cyclone is a hurricane if it occurs in the Atlantic Ocean or a typhoon if it occurs in the western Pacific or Indian oceans. The only difference is in the way the wind blows. Tropical storms or cyclones rotate counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. (This is because of the Coriolis effect)

No matter what name you might want to call them, if you were standing in the middle of either a typhoon or hurricane you could summarize it in one word . . STORM!

The fastest recorded wind in a hurricane was in 1969 during Camille along the Mississippi coast. Winds averaged 200 mph with wind gusts of 210 mph. That is a healthy wind to say the least, but if you were to ever experience an F-5 tornado the winds would be whipping at speeds in excess of 261 mph. Needless to say, that is serious wind and a frightening storm.

You may have lived through a storm like the ones mentioned above, but if you havenít you are familiar with other types of storms. I am talking about the storms that we face in life every day. The wind and rain beat us down, and we find ourselves living life where calm becomes chaos faster than a whirlwind. When you face those storms let me remind you that before the storm starts, God is there. In the midst of the storm, God is there. When the storm ends, God is there. I hope you see the pattern here. God is there. At every moment in your life, good or bad, He is there. That makes the storms less frightening, because the One who created them is with us in them. Think about that and praise Him for it.

This month begins a new year of ministry here at Covenant. I canít the wonder and awe I feel when I think about that. I praise God for His faithfulness and I thank Him for all of you and your commitment to touch and change the world. The adventure and journey really is just beginning. I am glad we are on it together!


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