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Mark Twain
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 19:49


According to legend, several of Mark Twain’s friends once wanted to send him a birthday greeting while he was traveling abroad. They had no idea where he was, so they simply addressed it to: "Mark Twain, God only knows where he is today." A few weeks later they got a reply from Mark Twain himself. His reply was simple. It contained two words, "He did." It is safe to say that it was a miracle that the letter got to him. But believe it or not, there have been some other miraculous deliveries that I would like to share with you.

James Cagney, the actor, received a package from a fan that was addressed to: "An island somewhere off of Massachusetts, U.S.A." The post office delivered it to him at his home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Bert and Alberta Stocker of Blania, Gwent, Wales, were unfortunately dead when their Christmas card arrived. It had been sent thirty years earlier by their then next door neighbor. The distance the card needed to travel was 30 yards, it took 30 years to get to their address.

A substitute mail carrier in Austin, Texas successfully delivered a letter addressed to: "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ford (in the stone house with yellow trim near the end of Mansfield drive out near the river).

A postcard mailed form Munich, Germany was successfully delivered after traveling 4000 miles to the Harold Pipkorn family. It only took 5 working days, but what made this amazing was the address on the postcard was given simply as "Somewhere near Milwaukee, WI, USA."

It took 42 years for a letter from one office in the Federal Building in Eureka, California to arrive at a post office box in the same building.

In 1863 Union Private Horace H. Prindle lay wounded in a Tennessee hospital. He wrote a letter to Emline Marvin in Michigan, giving news of the civil war. One hundred and ten years later, it arrived at a senior citizen home in Detroit, where Emline had once been a resident. No one could figure out how the postman knew this. The letter was authenticated as genuine by a historical society.

Amazing deliveries and all of them true. Some were fast, others incredibly slow, but each one amazing in one way or another. Yet the most amazing delivery of all is the one we celebrate every December. The delivery arrived RIGHT ON TIME. The delivery arrived at a REMOTE and ISOLATED location. And the most amazing thing about this delivery was that it was for everyone! I am talking about the birth of Jesus, born in an out of the way place, at the most unexpected, yet perfect moment, for everyone, including you and me.

Make sure you take the time to slow up and thank God for the special delivery that he sent to YOU almost 2000 years ago. We have much to celebrate, don’t waste a moment.

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