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Lost and Found
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 19:43

A time capsule buried in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania in 1962 was scheduled to be opened in 1986 as a part of the communityís hundredth anniversary celebration. The problem was that no one could find the stainless steel box because everyone who knew where it had been buried had died. Harold Ake, age 87, recalled the City Council had held a special closed meeting to decide where to bury the time capsule because they feared vandals would dig it up. They never told anyone what they this date the box is still lost.

Arlon Seidon, an animal trainer, was arrested a few years ago in Jefferson, Texas. He had spent five years as a fugitive. He managed to elude authorities despite the fact that he had two full grown elephants with him the entire time. He had stolen them. In Seidonís version of what happened the elephants were being abused so he rescued them and then "got lost." Before he was found he traveled in the Northern US and Canada and managed to spend the winters in Florida. To pull this off he had to acquire 600 lbs. of food a day, travel roads at night when the road scales were closed, he wore disguises and used a fake name.

The Franciscan monastery in Kennebunkport, Maine reported in 1988 that the remains of Saint Anthony were missing or lost from the monastery chapel. Saint Anthony is the saint of lost and missing articles. Anthony is still missing as of this date!

In Reston, Washington Tanna Barrey was concerned that her husband was lost or had been in an accident because he was overdo on returning from a long motorcycle trip. She went looking for her husband, Marc, in the family car. As she rounded a corner on a curve she found him. They collided.

Lost and found. That can describe the relationship we can have with Jesus. Before we knew Him we were lost, but He has found us...we are lost no longer. I realize that this has a tendency to sound incredibly spiritual. Although it sounds that way, the fact remains that we should constantly be thanking the Heavenly Father for the way He found us while we were lost. It should change our attitude, our lifestyle, and our existence. Think about it.

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