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After the Storm
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon on Aug 19, 2009, 15:21

In the aftermath of the storm...specifically Hurricane Charley..let me share with you some things that might help you get the proper perspective. Listed below you will find what is an interesting list...take a minute and read it closely.


Top 10 catastrophic events



The following numbers are inflation adjusted to 2002 dollars.


1. Terrorist attack (New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania), September 2001 $20.7 billion.


2. Hurricane Andrew, August 1992 $19.9 billion.


3. Northridge, Calif., earthquake, January 1994 $15.2 billion.


4. Hurricane Hugo, September 1989 $6.1 billion.


5. Hurricane Georges, September 1998 $3.3 billion.


6. Midwest, South tornadoes, May 2003 $3.1 billion.


7. Tropical Storm Allison, July 2001 $2.5 billion.


7. Hurricane Opal, October 1995 $2.5 billion.


9. Midwest, South tornadoes, April 2001 $2.2 billion.


9. Northeast winter storm, March 1993 $2.2 billion.


Top 10 catastrophic events for insured property losses, according to Insurance Services Office Inc. of Jersey City, N.J. The company defines a catastrophe as a single incident or series of related incidents man-made or natural that cause insured property losses totaling at least $25 million and affect a significant number of policyholders and insurers. Catastrophes with equivalent amounts of damage are listed with the same rank.


Now if you have been listening to the news reports on August 19, 2004 the estimates on the damage caused by Hurricane Charley that went through the state of Florida are estimated to be between $9-$20 billion dollars.


Look back up at the list and see where that places Charley on the top ten list


As you can see based on the estimates Hurricane Charley is one of the top four catastrophic events to have ever taken place in America. The pastor and teacher in me want you to really ponder that for a moment. In the aftermath of the storm I had the opportunity to share with the ministry of CCC that as you look at one another you are looking at true catastrophic storm survivors! We are living breathing testimonies to the goodness and grace of God! We have survived the storms and for whatever reason God has chosen to allow us to look back at the wind, rain, and damage and continue living life!


That is something to praise Him for! I am very thankful and praise God for His goodness, His faithfulness, His strength, and has been nothing short of miraculous.


If you are reading this and you are a storm survivor...take some time to praise Him for who He is and what He has done!


Some of you are reading this and you are no where near Florida. You heard the reports and saw the images on the news of what was happening here in the usually Sunshine filled State and saw amazing images of the power of nature unleashed. Please remember that along with those images there is a group of people singing the praises of the Father for His provision in the midst of the storm.


Perhaps you did not experience first hand Hurricane Charley but you are not a stranger to storms. They have shown up wrapped in the dark clouds and high winds of circumstances, situations, and the unexpected shifts in the weather patterns of life. Before you knew it you have found yourself being caught up in the storm. What do you do in those moments?


When the storms come you want to make sure that you are anchored to the One who best understands the power of the storms and the One who has power over the matter what form they come in.


If you anchor to Him you will discover the secret to surviving the storm. It doesn't mean that in the aftermath there won't be trees to clear, branches to hoist, clean-up to be done, and power to be restored. It doen't mean that there won't be tears tinged with pain as well as tears running with relief.....however, by anchoring to Him you find the secret of growing through the storms instead of groaning through the storms....and that makes all the difference in the world.


So I salute all of you storm survivors out there! You made it through! Now take the time to praise the One who has brought you this far and thank Him for being there.


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