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I Want To Be Rich
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Dec 1, 2000, 19:34

Caught up in the holiday rush, trying to buy a bunch of presents on a limited income? In one of those moments as you sit and rest at the food court in the mall you think..."If I could only be a trillionaire, I'd buy the whole world." Unfortunately there are no trillionaires and you just can't get rich enough to buy the whole world! The closest thing on the planet to a trillionaire is the Sulton of Brunei. He has 165 Rolls-Royces and his net worth is estimated at about $37 billion. Yet he isn't a trillionaire...let me share with you why you aren't going to ever make that much.

Reason 1: Death

People always die before they make that much. Then their worth is spread out among their heirs. The John D. Rockefeller fortune is still in existence, bigger than ever, but now it is spread out. So being a Rockefeller isn't what it used to be--some aren't doing very well at all.

Reason 2: Government Policy

Progressive income tax and antitrust laws come about as a result of some obscene fortunes possessed by some. According to economist Barry Borworth, the minute you become too big you become a target and society starts making rules to limit your power.

Reason 3: Sentiment

The grossly rich at some point lose their zest for making money. They decide that there is more to their life than wealth. That is where philanthropists come from.

Reason 4: Market Forces

Take the Sulton. He won't raise his oil prices too high because there are other oil producers. If they all got together and raised their prices too high, people would start conservation efforts and find substitute forms of fuel.

Let's say you invest your money. The stock market, over time, has produced a good strong return in the long haul. And if you invest and stay with it you will make money, but you won't make it fast enough to turn a billionaire into a trillionaire.

So then you will need to find a new idea or product to make money. Unfortunately great ideas can be copied. Introduce a new computer gizmo and 6 months later everyone has their own version, slightly modified.

Sorry to tell you, you can't be a trillionaire and you can't buy the entire world. (Of course I would settle for a few pathetic millions, but that's another story.) Don't let this bother you though, remember in the middle of all of your shopping that Christmas is not about gifts it is about a gift. The gift has already been given, the package arrived 2,000 years ago in a town called Bethlehem, his name is Jesus...He is all you will ever need.

I realize that this doesn't help you with your shopping, it doesn't get all of your gifts purchased and it doesn't get you an extra dime to spend...but it might help you keep your perspective in the midst of the holiday rush. Remember that and by the way, have a Merry Christmas.

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