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Why Don't We Slosh More?
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Sep 1, 2000, 19:15

You always hear that our bodies are made up of mostly water. Depending on who you talk to, you might hear we are 75% water or up to 97% water. If this is true, then it leads me to one inescapable question: Why don't we slosh more? Shouldn't we be sloshier if we are made up of that much water? Why don't football players make a splash when they collide?

In an effort to find the answer to that question, i discovered that some people are more watery than others. The reason for this is simple. There is a lot of water in muscles, but not a lot in fatty tissues. Our water content is in constant flux. For example, you could lose as mush as a pint of water each day just from exhaling. This occurs as the air carries away water from your lungs. You can sweat as much as 10 pints each day. It is also proven that your water content varies with age. The statistics say that a fetus is about 90% water, a newborn 70%, and a mature adult is about 60% water.

According to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) a strong argument can be made that in reality we are mostly oxygen, 17.5% is carbon, 10.2% hydrogen, as well as calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and some very small amounts of lead. I gues that's where the phrase "get the lead out" comes from.

Jeff Resenstein of George Washington University says, " We aren't actually water, we are a gel." This is because the water in our bodies combines with other elements to form complex compounds like proteins, carbohydrated, and lipids. Our individual cells are something like gel caps and the goop is contained. Between each cell is another goop which is contained by firm collagen tissues which in turn are held in place by the skeleton. "Attachment is the key," says Rosenstein. "The reason we don't slop apart is because we are attached to a strong framework."

Is there a point? Isn't there usually?!?

Remember what Rosenstein said, "Attachment is the key." For us as human beings our bodies are designed by an infinite creator who under stands the importance of attachment. Physically we are attached in an amazingly complex design. Spiritually we need to be attached as well.

As spiritual beings, we need to make sure that we are attached to our Creator. This happens through the relationship we have with Him through Jesus Christ. And to strengthen and Keep that attachment strong, we need to keep growing. Our walk with Christ , our prayer life, our times of Bible Study, our times of worhip, and our times of ministry and fellowship all help encourage good growth, which keeps us strongly attached. It is amazing where you can find Biblical truth, isn't it?

And now you know the reason that we have bones. Without them, we'd quiver and tremble like Jell-O.

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