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Marlins Fever
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Nov 1, 2000, 19:12


They Did It...The Florida Marlins Won the World Series! That is the headline that flashed across sports pages all across the country recently. The Marlins became the five year old expansion team that shocked the world by winning the world series over the Cleveland Indians. The entire "Marlins Experience" did some amazing things in Miami, which became a teal-decorated town during the last month.

Two years ago the Conde Nast Traveler magazine voted Miami the rudest place on the face of the earth. But it seems as if Marlins Fever has helped cure that. Everywhere you could see the changes. Executives were seen wearing Marlins T-shirts instead of the usual coat and tie. Hospital workers wore teal colored caps with their surgical scrubs. Local donut shops sold teal colored donuts. And the president of Gateway Monuments, Jim Kamercia, got in on the action. As a maker of gravestones he has created four memorial markers which are now displayed in front of his business. Thatís right, we are talking about tombstones here. The first reads "RIP San Francisco Giants," another "RIP Atlanta Braves," the third "Etched in stone...The Marlins are going to the Series," and the final one much larger than the rest reads; "The Florida Marlins. A World Class Team for a World Class City. Americaís Dream is South Floridaís Reality. Thank You for a Monumental Year!"

The Marlins are responsible for a dance craze called "the Fish" and you could find fans doing "the Fish" spontaneously during the world series. Here is how it goes...1) Clap your hands. 2) Take one hand and put it on top of your head like a fin. Stick your other hand out in front of you like a marlins bill. Sway back and forth. 3) Then do a little wiggle (like a fish caught on a line). 4)Now do the freestyle stroke, some call this the swim. 5) Do the little wiggle again. 6) Do the backstroke. 7) Wiggle some more. 8) Do the breast stroke. 9) Wiggle again. 10) Clap your hands and start again.

Marlinís fever seems to have infected everyone with a little goodwill and cheer and there is nothing wrong with that. I always find myself amused and amazed at how people react after their team wins a championship, and I have often wondered why the church doesnít muster up that much enthusiasm for the things that God does.

Sure He didnít win the World Series, the Super Bowl, or the National Championship. He never made it to the NCAA Big Dance, but He did show up on that first Christmas morning and the entire world changed. He did go to the cross to pick up the greatest victory ever, He beat death, and then just because He wanted to, He drafted you to be on His team. All you had to do was agree to the deal.

Gosh, I guess that we should be more excited and enthusiastic about the things He has done for us, shouldnít we?!? It was just something that I was thinking about...maybe we all should! Letís get excited about all that God is doing in our lives and live each and every moment as a celebration of what He means to us in our lives.

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