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Do you have any good advice on how to pray better or more effectively?
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Feb 1, 2000, 18:49

Yes, I think so...maybe (how’s that for a start). The best advice I can share is not to get hyper-spiritual. Instead, just go to God, tell Him what you think, tell Him what hurts, and be honest with Him. Tell Him how fantastic He is, thank Him and praise Him for all He has done.

If you think about it, prayer is a soft-place, a place you can go and be honest and find complete acceptance and unconditional love. There is no great spiritual secret to prayer...let me give you a definition. Prayer is: spending time with the One you love and the One who loves you best. We can pray about everything and know it is o.k. He will answer every prayer (maybe not the way we want, but He answers). If you need help in knowing what to pray for read Ephesians 6:8 (this is related to Romans 8:26-27). When we don’t know what to pray for the Holy Spirit comes to our rescue.

There are so many promises in Scripture that are waiting for us as believers. If we have faith and develop an abiding relationship with the Father (of which prayer is an important part) you will see a stronger prayer life and to use your words, a more "effective" prayer life.

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