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The Hiedi Award
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Nov 1, 2000, 18:13

You are an executive in charge of programming at a television network. You are in the process of broadcasting a football game. There is one minute and five seconds left in the game and the score is 32 to 29. A movie is scheduled to begin in two minutes. Now you have a decision to make. What will it be? Will you show the end of the football game or will you cut to the movie? (The movie is Heidi, if it makes a difference in your decision making process.)

One executive made the wrong decision in 1968 during the Oakland Raiders—New York Jets football game. He made the call and Heidi it was. Viewers called stations all over America wanting to know why the players had disappeared into the picturesque Alps and the sound of yodeling. To make matters worse the finish of the game is reported to be one of the most exciting finishes ever. The Oakland Raiders came from behind and scored twice before the game ended.

Years later there are a couple of things that are still remembered about that moment. This was the day that Heidi had it’s best ratings ever as a televised movie. The decision is remembered as one of the worst blunders in sports programming history. It so inspired Sports Illustrated magazine that they now give out the “Heidi Award” for the WORST sports program of the year.

Most decisions have some type of result. It is obvious that the programmer who made the decision was not popular for a very long time. Yet every day people make decisions that change their lives forever. You might meet someone over the next few days that will be trying to make a decision about what to do with Jesus. Some will decide to reject or accept Him. Some will be deciding on whether or not to be obedient to what He has called them to become. Whether you realize it or not, you can help the process by being a shining light of the love of Jesus in their lives.

Take seriously the responsibility of being who Jesus wants you to be in every area of your life. The end results will be more spectacular than any touchdown or come from behind victory.

Think About It...

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