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Melted Saints
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Dec 1, 2000, 18:04

During the reign of Oliver Cromwell, the British government began to run low on silver needed to make coins. Lord Cromwell sent his men to investigate the local cathedral to see if they could find any silver there. After investigating they reported back: The only silver we could find is the statues of the saints standing in the corners. To which the radical soldier and statesman of England replied: Good! We’ll melt down the saints and put them back into circulation!

Not bad just a few words Cromwell’s command states the essence of what we are called to do if we are to ever impact the world for Jesus. We are not to be like the silver saints, highly polished, frequently dusted, and adorning the corner of elegant cathedrals. We are not to be like plaster people cloaked in thin layers of untarnished metal and topped with a metallic halo. But we are to be real people, making a real difference, in the real world. In other words we are to be melted saints circulating through the mainstream of humanity. Beyond padded pews and stained glass we are to be impacting the world with the love of Jesus. This should be the bottom line of our theology that we give top shelf priority.

I was taking inventory of where the ministry of CCC is making a difference in the world: on campuses where students are searching for answers, not just to pass exams but about life itself; in the shop where unbelieving co-workers are testing the mettle of everyday Christianity; at home with a household of kids, where “R and R” means Run and Rassle; in the concrete battlegrounds of corporate businesses, where what you believe will dictate how you act; in the hospitals, where reality never takes a nap; in the office, when you are under pressure, and people are watching to see how you handle that pressure; and on the team, where patience, self-control, and attitude are always on display.

These places and others are where we are making a difference. It is where the rubber meets the road. Sometimes it is easy to forget that being what Christ has called you to be is a unique privilege. Often we moan about how much work it is going to be, but to make a difference in the real world we must be melted down saints ready to do whatever it takes to make an impact for Him.

If we are going to make it, we must be dynamic in the growing of our walk with Christ. We must spend time in His word, in prayer, and with the family of God. We must support one another, worship and study together, and give Him our whole life in every area from family, to friends, to finances, to fun. It all must be the Father’s and we must be faithful in all these things. If you take any one of the above out of the formula, you are asking for trouble. Sometimes our pride makes us think that we don’t have to do these things, but let me let you in on the fact that I know better and so do you, we just don’t like to admit it.

If we are not willing to commit ourselves to impacting the world, we are taking ourselves out of circulation, so to speak, and we have done nothing but become another touch-me-not whatnot. And we have plenty of those in the body of Christ, are you willing to be more? My prayer is that we would stay in circulation and not settle for anything short of making an impact.


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