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Winter Olympics
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Apr 1, 2000, 17:16

We were amazed by this event once again at the Winter Olympics. As we watched the competition we thought to ourselves, "Now there is something that even I could win a gold medal at!" I am referring to the Olympic Bobsled event.

Think about bobsledding for a minute. It seems that any of us could be the middle guy in the bobsled. We are all fairly talented at sitting. Even as I type this article I am sitting down, so canít this be considered Olympic training?

The truth is. . . NO. Bobsledding is more complicated than that. If you go back and look at the results of the Olympics, there was just a little over a second separating all of the top teams. So there is more than just jumping in a sled and going along for the ride. The quest is to shave off small amounts of time in a variety of ways. This effort usually comes in 3 areas.

First, the push. This part requires strength, physical agility, and speed. Everyone pushes, this is where most of us run into trouble, we wouldnít be allowed to just sit. At one point the US Team tried football player Herschel Walker on the bobsled team. He was strong and fast, but he wasnít real good at jumping into the sled. That would be my luck, Iíd jump, miss the sled and get drug down the course hooked to the sled. The rest of the team would be trying to cut me loose. That is why the bobsledding team is strictly for those who bobsled only. It takes skill.

Second, the design. Bobsledding is like the old soap box derby. You get to make your own sleds. Each and every year the designs get better and better. For some designing faster sleds is a full time career.

Third, steering. Yes, you really steer a bobsled. After all the rest of the team gets on the sled their job is to keep their heads down and be cargo. After that it is up to the person who steers. This also involves skill. The driver has to figure out precisely how to take each curve. Believe it or not, a foot one way or the other can make or break a racing team.

I guess that means that you and I do not have a chance at a gold medal in bobsledding. Perhaps we have a shot at synchronized swimming.

Spiritually it is the same. Growth and excellence donít just happen. It takes some effort. Most people get off to a good start in their walk with Christ. We are usually excited about the reality of all He has done for us and that momentum gets us going. This would be the push.

The design part isnít that tough either. Since each of us were made by the Master designer we find we have gifts, talents and abilities that are more than enough to carry us through the journey.

The problem is the same as in bobsledding, the steering. The steering is the most important. We all get into trouble from time to time when we are steering through the course of life. We donít do well in this curve and we lose a little momentum. We take the next curve out of position and we slow up. Steering is crucial. The tragedy is that we forget that the Father understands the steering problem as well. He lays out for us the course we should travel on and even better, He goes with us.

Make your prayer this day a prayer that would ask the Father to help you navigate the journey that He has laid out before you. It will be a lot more fun, more exciting, more rewarding, and the award ceremony is out of this world. Instead of a medal you get a crown, after all you are a child of the King.

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