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The Passion of the Christ
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Mar 10, 2004, 17:52

















Week 1 - 2/18/04 -

Somewhere Between Heaven and Mel

In this session we allow people to "sound off" about the Passion of the Christ and discuss what the "real story" about the film actually is....

Week 2 - 2/25/04 -

The Most Offensive Movie Ever Made

In this session we explore the reasons why the Passion of the Christ is the most offensive movie ever made. Now before you jump to conclusions you will want to hear why and exactly what that means.

In this session we also ask whether or not the movie really is "the most evangelistic event of our time" as many church leaders have called it. And we also are going to look at 4 specific things that wise Christians will do to help keep this movie event in perspective.

Week 3 - 3/3/04 -

True or False ?

In this session our study on The Passion of the Christ continues by breaking down the film and asking if the claims of the film are true or false....

This session also features a Top Ten List as well as a quick summary of five questions that an unbeliever will ask after seeing the film.

Week 4 - 3/10/04

What is in the movie but NOT in the Bible?

In this last session of our series we break down the movie and look at it scene by scene. We see what is Biblical and what comes from other sources. If you haven't seen the movie then there are some things in this session that will spoil some of the flashback scenes in the film for you...keep that in mind. The handouts will also be helpful.

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