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The Adventure Link: Vision...more character
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Jan 20, 2004, 11:09

The Adventure Link

Vision...Got to Have It!


More Vision Characteristics


Over the past few days we have been looking at what vision is..or what it looks like. This series has become interesting in many ways. Vision is one of those topics that people like to think about and like to agree that we all need to have it. But when you begin looking at what vision really is...sometimes it makes us a bit uncomfortable.


There was a sign on a church billboard that once read....Come to ________ and "Catch the Vision". At a meeting I was leading I innocently commented on the catchy and flashy billboard. It was a great advertising item. I asked the question to a group of leaders..."Tell me about the vision I need to catch?"


It was at that moment I realized that the "catch the vision" phrase was just a phrase. But here sat a group of leaders who had no idea what the vision was. Understand, they were great people and more than willing to work for Christ. They desired to be obedient and were active in trying to make an impact.....but vision was something that was a concept but had no reality.....


That became a defining moment where I began to research, read, pray, and talk with others about vision...and what it means in life in ministry.....


Lets keep on putting it under the microscope....




God's vision for your life and ministry will not change quickly, nor will it be something you will accomplish rapidly. His vision will require years of active pursuit.


Because He is not a God of confusion but of order, because He is a God who is in control, because He takes great pleasure in seeing us find success in our service, He will be faithful in His leading you each day at a time. And it is a journey.....


The implication of this reality is that your vision will not change every year or two. You do not need to constantly ponder whether you are pursuing the right vision for the near future. Your energy ought to be dedicated to doing the ministry He has outlined for you and staying on course. Many people make a serious mistake in living life....we all have a tendency to live reactively instead of proactively. The more we live with a sense of vision and calling the better equipped we are to be proactive and the moments when we must be reactive help us quickly make course adjustments.




Your God is a personal God. He carefully created you. He knows you intimately. He wants to have a growing relationship with you. He, therefore, has created a personalized vision that fits you perfectly.


What a mess the world would be if God took a mechanical approach to His people. “Here’s a pretty good generic vision, a one-size-fits-all vision. When My people seek My face and My mind, I will simply lead them to this predictable, but viable vision. Let them figure out how to avoid overlap and confusion. If they’re clever enough, it will all work out in the end.”


No, your God is so personally involved with you that He has created a customized vision for you and you alone. The vision is unique to your circumstances and calibrated to your abilities.


Why would He bother? Because God is your partner in ministry.


What kind of relationship would it be if He dictated the rules of the game then simply watched you wallow in your confusion as you tried to put the pieces together and make ministry happen apart from His power and guidance?


God cares and has designed His plan for you life. That is great news and ought to make us excited about what the future holds....


The adventure continues.....

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