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The Adventure Link: Vision...still looking
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Jan 19, 2004, 17:10

The Adventure Link

Vision...Got to Have It!


Looking at vision


We are studying ways to capture and live with the vision God has for each of us.

We continue our ongoing study at CCC entitled Uprising...visit the website at for the latest updates.


So, what does vision look like?  Here are a few more things that vision is...



God loves to stretch His people. His vision for your life and ministry will do just that. Rest assured that His vision for you will cause you to do things you have never done before, to exceed the barriers you assumed were impenetrable obstacles.


In a secularized culture like ours, simply knowing, loving and serving God is a challenge.


But to do so in a ground-breaking, life-changing, effective way is an even more daunting task. And that is partially what makes real ministry  and living life to the fullest for Christ so riveting and encompassing: the challenge of making the seemingly impossible possible.




This is one of the key differences between a vision for life and ministry and a vision for simple business. In life and ministry, vision empowers people to serve others, ultimately serving God in the process. In business, the vision frequently explores ways of expanding the corporation by enabling others to serve the needs of the corporation.


Worldly vision is inward-focused; Godís vision for ministry is outward-focused.


One of the frightening things that takes place in Christian ministries and churches are that leaders want to flip flop between being a business and being a ministry. They will argue that they must be both. I contend, and many will disagree that you can't be both. You will either be a business or you will be a ministry...just be honest about who you are. Because you can never be both and you won't honor God by holding secular business standards when they conflict with the ministry standards that God scripts for us in His Word.


To capture God's vision for your life you must come to grips with the fact that living for Jesus is something that cuts across most of the self help, modern, post modern, and fadish philosophies that the culture embraces. But when you live with God's vision for your life and ministry you find great freedom to impact the world around you. You are empowered.


In Central Florida where I minister there are two massive tourism entertainment giants. Universal Stduios and Walt Disney World. I am a huge Disney fan and I have had the privelege of working in both organizations. Universal was interesting because in their orientation they explain that they know they are the number two tourist attraction in town, but they offer something that Disney will never offer. Universal empowers their work force. In other words the person working at Universal has the authority to do things that will make the guest have a better time, they can solve crisis, and they can meet needs as they see them unfold. They have the power to do this and they can do it right away. Surely there is accountability later...if they have taken a family to the front of a line, if they have gotten free popcorn from a vendor to give to a child, if they have solved an issue quickly...there will be a supervisor to report to. If they have done it badly there is accountability, if they have done it correctly there is accountability...and that gives them the freedom to try....


There are some spiritual concepts involved in that. Yet that is how two secular organizations operate.


Vision for life from God empowers you...with go out and make a difference in the world in ways that others will never do....


The adventure continues.....

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