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Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Feb 1, 2000, 21:40

Webster defines innovation as “The introduction of something new, a new idea, method, or device.” When we are innovative we are flexible. It takes a different outlook to innovate. It is tough because it takes creative thought. If you ask me, thinking is tough enough, but creative thinking. . .Yikes!

Usually innovation comes when people see a need to do things differently or better than they have been done in the past. Think about photography for example. For years there was very little change in the field of photography. Then one day someone began to think about speeding up the process so you didn’t have to wait so long for pictures. Edwin Land came up with a plan and opened a company with a funny name, but accomplished an innovative breakthrough in the world of photography. The company was named POLAROID, and to this day Polaroid cameras are used all over the world.

I recently read a list of traits that are usually found in innovative and creative people, they are:

Drive - a high degree of motivation
Courage - tenacity and persistence
Goals - a sense of direction Knowledge - and a thirst for it
Optimism Enthusiasm
Chance taking - willing to risk failure Energy
Adaptability - capable of change Excellence
Humor - ability to laugh at self and others Curiosity
Imagination Communication - articulate
Alert Enterprise— willingness to tackle rough jobs
Patient yet impatient—patient with others yet impatient with the status quo

It dawned on me that some of us might need to become a little bit innovative in our walk with Christ. Now I understand that there will be some theological purists out there who will say, “Innovation! Why Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, He doesn’t change. . .so I don’t need to!” But I would invite you to look back up the page at the list that is there. If those are characteristics of innovative people, those are some elements that could really deepen our walk with the Savior. Before you say I can’t be innovative let me remind you of something. The most important decision that you will ever make is based upon the most innovative combination ever devised. . .A Man, A Cross, Blood, and Belief. God describes it as the introduction of something new. . .a new birth. Perhaps you are more innovative than you think, and perhaps you should remember that as you grow closer to Him.

Think about it

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