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Spending Time with God
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Apr 1, 2000, 21:25

I know we are suppose to spend time everyday with God, but I just canít seem to find it, and I feel guilty. . . any suggestions?
For starters relax. . .you can find the time. . .it might take time, keep trying and donít beat yourself up. You have all been there. You have wanted to develop a deeper walk with Christ and spend time studying the Bible, but when can you squeeze it in? You know you are suppose to make time, but you just canít. So you end up feeling guilty, but nothing ever changes. So what do you do?

You have tried to get up early, but that just made you groggy after a few days, and so being exhausted kept you in bed before long. You tried to spend time with God at night before bed, but many times you feel like you were giving him the leftovers of the day, and then you would doze off. . Z. . Z . . .Z.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Iíd like to offer a few suggestions. Realize that these are just suggestions, and what works for one may not work for another. Also understand that these suggestions are not to take the place of setting aside a time everyday to meet with God, these are just suggestions for those who have found this difficult at times. I guess I am saying to you, consider these as nothing more than helpful hints. . .

Stick a Bible in Your Car

If you get stuck in traffic or find yourself waiting for a long train you can read a few verses. Let me challenge you to try this with the book of Psalms, in many cases you will find that during your stops at travel time you might be reading a psalm a day! When you finish the book of Psalms try Proverbs.

Get a Tapedeck

Use your drive time in your car to listen to audio cassettes. (Perhaps IMPACT AUDIO- I know that was a shameless plug), or there is KEYLIFE or RENEW Ministries or UPWORDS, in other words use the time to listen and be challenged by Godís word as you drive. Put a tape player in the bathroom, listen as you shower and get ready to go to work, school, or wherever. Get a walkman and listen as you work out.

Buy Some Post-it Notes

Take a moment and write a verse on a post-it note, make it your verse of the day. Take the sticky note with you and move it from your computer monitor, to your car visor, to your day-runner, to your bathroom mirror, to your fridge. You might be surprised how many verses you will memorize.

Work Out and Work Out

Use the time while you are huffing and puffing through exercise to pray. It might even help you concentrate better and the work out to go better.

By now you get the idea. I am suggesting that you be a little creative and use the imagination that God has given you. Time really is the most valuable commodity in our day and time. Use yours wisely and you might discover more joy and refreshment than you have in a long , long time. Thanks for asking. . .

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