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Another Snake Hunt
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Mar 1, 2001, 21:16

Bill Love moved to Florida with his family while he was in high school in 1972. One summer evening he took a drive across Alligator Alley, the highway that runs through the Everglades. He was fascinated by the number of snakes that were crisscrossing the pavement. Since he was an amateur snake collector, he decided to return the next night to collect a few.

Bill came up with a plan for the snake hunting evening. He got the help of a friend who would slowly drive a car down the highway with Bill sitting on the hood. When he spied a snake he would pound on the hood to alert his pal and then hop off of the hood to capture the snake. This type of expedition doesn’t need many supplies: a pillow sack to hold the snakes, a flashlight to spot them, a friend to drive, a car with a hood, and insect repellant to help fight off mosquitoes.

In putting together the stuff for this trip Bill almost forgot the insect repellant. In a hurry he reached under the sink at his home where the repellant was kept with many other household products. He spied the familiar letters O-F-F, grabbed the aerosol canister and zoomed off to the ‘glades. The snake hunt was on!

When they arrived at the designated hunting area, Bill jumped out of the car and popped up on the hood. He was wearing shorts and knew he would have to cover up well with the repellant. He took the can and applied generous amounts of the stuff to one thigh and then the other. Yow! Suddenly the foam of a thousand scrubbing bubbles went to work frying his skin. He felt like he was on fire and had no reason why. He leapt off the hood and raced into the thicket toward the nearby canal, hoping a large gator was not there in his path (this was a snake hunt after all). He jumped in, the water eased the pain, and after some intense rubbing he limped back to the car.

His friend greeted him doubled over in fits of laughter. He tossed Bill the aerosol can that he had dropped in his journey to the canal. As the flashlight illuminated the label Bill saw that in his haste he had indeed grabbed the wrong can. The industrial strength bug repellant he was wearing probably would have driven off any hungry gator because he had used Easy-OFF oven cleaner instead. Bill survived to tell his story, eventually his thighs healed, and he lived to hunt snakes another day.

He got into trouble because he wasn’t paying attention and he used the wrong thing.

Sometimes we do the same thing. We desire our lives to be full of hope, meaning, and purpose yet we often miss what God is doing and try to get it from other sources besides Him. Make sure you apply the right thing to your life if you really want hope, purpose, and meaning. Allow the Father to give that to you. Spend time in His Word, take the time to talk with Him through prayer, and pay attention so you will better understand all that He is doing in your life, and in the world around you.

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