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Misplaced Focus
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Feb 1, 2001, 21:10

The man who is the focus of this story goes by the name of Edward. His last name is withheld because of the embarrassment that it might cause his family. Edward has an interesting personality. He is a very focused individual. The problem that Edward ran into was that his focus was misplaced.

Edward decided that he was in need of a utility trailer to haul things. While there is nothing unusual about that, the difficulty that arose was due to the fact that Edward was broke. He made a bad decision and decided to steal a utility trailer from the local Home Depot store in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He drove in and hitched a trailer to his Toyota pickup, then drove off quickly-only to crash on Griegos Road. Undaunted he returned to the parking lot of the home improvement store, hitched up a second trailer and once again sped off. This time the trailer came loose, broke away from his pickup and crashed seventy-five yards away from the sight of the first trailer accident.

Deputy Sheriff Scott Baird noticed the two trailers and decided to investigate. He stopped and pulled off on the side of the road just as Edward drove by with a third stolen trailer. The fender of the trailer clipped the deputy’s patrol car! Deputy Baird immediately gave pursuit and a twenty-minute chase ensued. The chase reached a top speed of 25 miles an hour. According to Detective Bill Webb who filled out the report on the incident, “Edward knew that trailers don’t pull well at high speeds, and he also knew there would be many pedestrians in the area. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Finally the thief pulled to a stop, was arrested by the Albuquerque police, and charged with three counts of theft according to the Albuquerque Journal (March 31, 2000).

I said earlier that Edward had focus, it was just badly placed focus. His story is humorous and when you look past the silliness you see a man who knew what he wanted. He had no desire to hurt anyone, he just wanted, and felt he needed a trailer. The truth is he did need a trailer for his business, but he forgot that you can’t steal something to get what you want. Most of us would never do anything like Edward, but we suffer from the same problem Edward did, and that is misplaced focus-itis.

We all spend far too much energy trying to get and achieve things that we think are important without ever asking God what is most important. We also spend more time and energy on all sorts of other things except keeping our focus on God and what He has called us to be. Let me challenge you over this next month to focus on God. Desire what He wants for you more than anything else. Don’t be satisfied with being anything less than all He has called you to be. The only cure for misplaced focus-itis is to put your focus on God first. You will be amazed at what happens.

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