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Gift of Love
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 13:37

While helping her mother prepare for Christmas, a little girl asked her mom about the meaning of the holiday, the mother told the little girl about Jesus and that we celebrate his birthday at this time of year.

The girl asked, “If it is Jesus’ birthday, why don’t we give him presents?”

Good question. . .her mom explained that the tradition of gift giving was a way that we show our love for one another, just as Jesus showed his love for us

With that explanation the discussion ended.

The evening before Christmas the little girl brought a gift down stairs and placed it under the tree. “What is in the box?” her Mom asked.

“It is a gift for Jesus, I am leaving it under the tree so he can open it tonight while I am asleep”

The Mom did not want her daughter to be disappointed, so during the night she opened the package. But there was nothing in it. The next morning the daughter raced down the stairs to see if the package she had left had been opened-it had!

She shouted to her Mom. . .Jesus opened his present last night!

The mystified Momma walked over to her daughter and asked what it was that she had given Jesus. . .

The little girl said, “I figure that Jesus has about everything that he needs, and I can’t give him much cause I’m just a little kid. But there is one thing I can give him. So I decided to give him a box of LOVE. . .

What a gift ! The Gift of Love

Wrapped in obedience

Wrapped in wonder

Wrapped in excellence

It is the gift of ourselves

This year I challenge you to give Jesus a gift. It would bring Him joy, and He has been waiting for some of us a long, long time! He has given us His best, let’s give Him ours!

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