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The Adventure Link: Staying Sharp: A new day...
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Sep 24, 2003, 10:39

The Adventure Link

Staying Sharp: A new day...


Have you ever thought about the way you start a new day? you get up each moment with a purpose and passion? If you do or if you don't please take the following as gentle suggestions of things to commit yourself to each and every morning....



Today is a new day. Hence,

1. I refuse to be shackled by yesterday’s failures.

2. What I don’t know will no longer be an intimidation—it will be an opportunity.

3. I will not allow people to define my mood, method, image, or mission.

4. I will pursue a mission greater than myself by making at least one person happy they saw  me.

5. I will have no time for self-pity, gossip, or negativism … from myself or from others.


6. (And most important) This day I will touch and change the world with the love of Jesus by being all that He has created me to be!


You know, if you would do these things..your day might be a lot different. I know mine would be...


Together, lets embrace each new day as a gift from God!


The adventure continues....

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