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Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Sep 1, 2001, 13:31

A group of prisoners in a Mexican prison were planning an escape. Their plan was to execute a daring underground getaway. They did their homework and calculated how far they would have to dig to get beyond the prison walls. Once they were sure their calculations were correct, they got to work on the underground tunnel.

After several months, the underground passageway was complete and the time to make the escape had arrived. Seventy-five enthusiastic convicts traveled through this tunnel system intent on one thing…escape. The tunnel did indeed move the entire group beyond the prison boundaries. With great anticipation they arrived at the end of the tunnel and were ready to step into their new freedom. The end of the tunnel had remained closed with the understanding that it would only be broken out as they were ready to leave. To do so early would mean that someone might accidentally discover the tunnel and destroy their plans.

The leader of these wandering escapees broke through the last remaining barrier and yelled behind him, “I’m through!” A cheer went up from those waiting to leave the tunnel. As each escapee emerged they discovered they had inadvertently tunneled their way directly into a courtroom, with a court in session. They were each arrested as they exited the tunnel. Justice for these men was extremely swift that day.

This past month we have shared that escaping into freedom is something that God has called each of us to. In making the escape we must remember that the only type of freedom that lasts, is real, and is worth striving for is the freedom God offers to His people. We discover how to live with that freedom as we become good students of His word and get to know Him better.

We all have a choice. We can be like the prisoners in Mexico and try to come up with our best plan to escape and hope we have done it right and gone in the right direction. Or we can have the freedom that Jesus offers and trust Him for the map and directions to move us from the prison to the palace, which is the place where children of the King are created to be.

Make the escape, be free…trust Him.

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