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The Adventure Link Staying Sharp: No Surprise….
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equiping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Sep 3, 2003, 15:51

The Adventure Link

We are now in a new devotional series on the Adventure Link for this month. Before we get into this day's thoughts, let me invite you to drop by the CCC website. As always there are new and exciting updates. One of the things you might want to drop by and listen to is the latest of our Core Group studies. It is called Super Sheep. You can listen to what we have covered as well as printing out handouts of the discussion and worksheets.....


Now on the with series

Staying Sharp: No Surprise….


I once knew a man who treated Bible class and the worship service like a harsh movie critic treats a new release.


“Entertain me!”


Arms folded.

Lips tight.



“This had better be good.”


With a ruthless eye and a critical ear

he sat

and watched

and listened.


The teacher, the minister, the music director—all were his prey. And woe be unto the teacher who didn’t ask his opinion, unto the minister who went a few minutes over, unto the music director who chose songs the critic didn’t know.


I once knew a man who came every Sunday to be entertained and not to encourage. He remarked that the Sunday afternoon game was more exciting than the Sunday morning assembly.


I wasn’t surprised.


It is vital for us in our journey of faith that we make the moments we have to worship and be together with the body of Christ all that they can be...and that decision for each one of us is made before we ever start.....what will you choose?


Think about it

The adventure continues......

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