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The Adventure Link Staying Sharp: Rest
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equiping Minister, Covenant Community Church on Sep 2, 2003, 19:49

The Adventure Link

Staying Sharp: Rest

It is a new month and that means a new series begins. This series is more devotional in nature than last month's series on discipleship. The series is called Staying Sharp....


Lets begin....

It will be remembered as one of the most confounding missing-persons cases.

In August of 1930, forty-five-year-old Joseph Crater waved good-bye to friends after an evening meal in a New York restaurant, flagged down a taxi, and rode off. He was never seen or heard from again.


Years of research has offered countless theories but no conclusions. Since Crater was a successful New York Supreme Court judge, many have suspected murder, but a solid lead has never been found. Other options have been presented: kidnapping, Mafia involvement, even suicide.


A search of his apartment revealed one clue. It was a note attached to a check, and both were left for his wife. The check was for a sizable amount, and the note simply read, “I am very weary. Love, Joe.”


The note could have been nothing more than a thought at the end of a hard day. Or it could have meant a great deal more—the epitaph of a despairing man.


Weariness is tough. I don’t mean the physical weariness that comes from mowing the lawn or the mental weariness that follows a hard day of decisions and thinking. No, the weariness that attacked Judge Crater is much worse. It’s the weariness that comes just before you give up. That feeling of honest desperation. It’s the dispirited father, the abandoned child, or the retiree with time on his hands. It’s that stage in life when motivation disappears: the children grow up, a job is lost, a wife dies. The result is weariness—deep, lonely, frustrated weariness.


I am weary. Love, Joe.”

It’s the weariness that comes just before you give up.


Only one man in history has claimed to have an answer for it. He stands before all the Joseph Craters of the world with the same promise: “Come to me, all you who are weary … and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).


Do you need rest? It only comes from one source and that source is the Father

Go to Him....


The adventure continues.....

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