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CCC RI Year in Review
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 1, 2002, 17:44

The end of the year and the beginning of a new one brings about the listing of the best and worst of the previous year. Here at the CCC Research Institute we have tried to compile all of these lists into what we are calling the CCCRI Year in Review. This review of course includes commentary on why these items make our final list, which carries just as much clout as any of the others we read.

What About Joe?

On January 24, the world was shocked to hear the Joe DiMaggio had died. NBC ran this news brief. As sad as it was, not many were surprised because Joltin’ Joe had been sick for a long time. The most surprised of all to hear of Joe DiMaggio’s demise was Joe DiMaggio himself. The reason was that he wasn’t dead.

File this one under you can’t always believe everything you hear. Spiritually you must recognize what is truth and what is opinion. Hang on to truth, it helps you process opinion.

Joe DiMaggio did pass away in March at the age of 84.

Tinky and Jerry Battle!

On February 10, the world was rocked by the comments that accused the purple Teletubby Tinky Winky of modeling the gay lifestyle. The remarks based upon Tinky’s triangle shaped head piece and purple color stunned all. The source of the report was none other that Jerry Falwell. Later Falwell stated, after the public outcry, that he was just reporting what he had read in the press.

File this one under, be very careful of what you repeat. Spiritually you need to be wise in the things that you say because you never know how carefully and closely someone may be listening. Make sure in the things you say that you are presenting yourself in a way that brings honor to the Savior.

Fabio. . Watch the Face!

March 30, Fabio the famous was all set to take a moment and enjoy his promotional event. Surrounded by women dressed in Greek attire he was to open and ride the new roller coaster at Busch Gardens in Virginia. The coaster was called Apollo’s Chariot and all was going well until a Canadian goose flew in front of the zooming roller coaster. Fabio hit the goose with his face. Fabio ended the ride bloodied and required stitches across his nose. The goose relocated to the big amusement park for birds in the sky.

File this one under, you never know what is out there. At any moment the unexpected might happen. You can’t be sure of what is around the next corner or waiting over the next hill. That should not frighten you though, it should excite you as you remember that life is a great adventure. Spiritually, remember that God is in charge of this adventure, and He will be with you each step of the way.

The End of the World!

On April 12, the world ended. Really it did. Another World, the long running soap opera on NBC, disappeared and was cancelled after 35 years.

File this under things do come to an end. The year of 1999 has been loaded with doomsdayers that are predicting the end of the world. They are wrong. Spiritually, we need to remember that because God is in charge (see March) you don’t have to sweat life. The keeper of promises and the keeper of your heart will take care of you. The fact that you are reading this now means that most of the doomsdayers were wrong! Remember that and don’t allow others to give them the credibility that they have had until they step forward and admit they were wrong. Scaring people sold books and made them popular, but when you do it in Jesus’ name you need to be wise.

A Sequel that was Really a Prequel

May 19 was the release of the latest Star Wars installment The Phantom Menace. Some theatres stayed open all night showing the movie. The result was a record breaking opening day of $28.5 million. Although its opening weekend was strong, it did not set any more records than it did on day one, yet it now has earned the number 3 spot on the all time money making list.

File this under, people like to be entertained. You might remember that the CCC feature film, Church Wars was released prior to the Star Wars Prequel. Industry experts feel like this probably prevented the Phantom Menace from grossing as much as expected. There probably is nothing spiritual to add at this point.

Jerry’s Junk

June 4 was the day that will forever remain in the minds of all television viewers. It was on that date that the City Council of Chicago confronted talk show host Jerry Springer with charges that the fights on his show are staged. Springer responded that they looked real to him and then described his own show as being stupid.

File this under: People like to watch junk. It is true, there is something in our nature that makes us want to watch stuff that could best described as junk. The spiritual application is simple, we need to be aware and able to determine the things that are junk and the things that are good. Once we can do that, then and only then can we determine whether or not it is harmful.

See this article is highlighting the stuff that didn’t get the biggest headlines, and there was more.

How could we forget. . .

Jesse “The Body” Ventura being the outlandish and outspoken governor of Minnesota

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Pokemon, etc. etc. . ..

Someone once said that all of life is an illustration of Biblical truth. Perhaps they were right. As the events of this new year unfold, keep in mind that nothing you will encounter will surprise God and nothing that you will face will happen without the Father being there with you.

Remember that as the year unfolds, it might just help!

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