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Black Hole
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 13:21

You have heard the stories...the most frightening thing of all looms out there in outer space, like a shark devouring everything in itís path. I am talking about the dreaded BLACK HOLE. The information concerning these things leads us to believe that they suck in everything around them...SKLURRP...stars, planets, old automobiles, and tin cans are all at risk. Some reports even say that at the center of the galaxy is a black hole with a mass of as many as a million stars. Something that powerful sets off alarm bells within me. I want to know, are we safe?

I am sure that none of you have ever pondered this, but I have and I have some good news for you. Black holes are surprisingly safe, why they are almost cute. Sure stuff can fall into a black hole and never return, but you need to understand that the only force at work is gravity, and that is relatively harmless. Think about it you deal with gravity all the time. Try this experiment with me. Hold your arm straight out to one side, and keep it there for a few seconds. Feel that slight tug? That is gravity...and your arm doesnít fall off or anything. See, gravity is no big deal.

Consider what would happen if the sun suddenly became a black hole. Nothing...the sunís gravity would remain the same. There would be one slight difference. Itíd be dark outside, and cold, and life as we know it would end. But otherwise, no problem.

The truth is that we have been confused about black holes. Their significance is not their power, their significance is their size. They are small and that is what makes them special. The stuff that use to be an entire star can be condensed into something the size of a pebble. The reason for the intense gravity is understandable because gravity is stronger the closer you get to the mass of an object. Because in a black hole the mass is so small you can get closer than normal, then LOOK OUT!

The moral of the story is fear not the black hole, but if you are walking down the street and someone pulls a small black object out of their pocket and says, "hold this," just keep on walking. They might be trying to hand you the compressed matter of a collapsed star. The thing to be amazed about when you think of black holes is their size. A seemingly insignificant spot, loaded with unbelievable power.

If you were to have been in ancient Jerusalem you could have seen some seemingly insignificant events that were loaded with unbelievable power. For example, you could have seen a man hanging on a cross between two thieves. Crucifixions happened all the time, yet the man in the middle was Jesus, and all of the power of eternity was hanging there. You might have seen a hole in the side of a cave that became his tomb, people get buried all the time. Yet this small insignificant looking little tomb was going to change your destiny forever. All around the events that we celebrate around Easter, the world keeps moving. People were still rushing to get places, there were pressures, people had to work. Yet in the events that went unnoticed by some, history was forever changed.

In the miraculous love and power displayed by the Heavenly Father for us that first Easter we now have the freedom to celebrate life for eternity with Jesus. That is powerful. It is astounds me that the Creator of the Universe loves you and me that much. But He really does! It amazes me that He was willing to die for me. But He really did! And it leaves me stunned that He has a plan for me and my life. But that is the truth! Powerful things happen when God is involved.

Look at your life, in the grand scheme of the universe, you donít take up a lot of room. Yet the impact you have in the world around you is unbelievable. That is because God is involved. Today you can make a difference in the life of someone else. God has always turned what seemed insignificant into some of the most powerful of things. Let Him do that with your life.

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