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A Christmas Gift For You
Posted by Rev. Jeff Dixon, Senior Equipping Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002, 13:16



FIRST SHEPHERD: Did you really think the job would pan out like this?

SECOND SHEPHERD: Whataya mean, Obie?

FIRST SHEPHERD: Iím not sure. But answer me this. Arenít you tired of being stuck out here with this mangy bunch of sheep?

SECOND SHEPHERD: Itís better than donkeys, Obadiah.

FIRST SHEPHERD: Yeah, but. . . .Amos?


FIRST SHEPHERD: Didíya ever wish that you could start all over again?

SECOND SHEPHERD: Ya mean, like get born all over again?

FIRST SHEPHERD: Sort of, I guess . . .

SECOND SHEPHERD: I canít see how . . .

(A brilliant light interrupts the Second Shepherd and the arrival of an angel accompanied by a multitude of heavenly hosts)

ANGEL: Today a baby has been born in Bethlehem. He will be your Savior, and make all things new!

FIRST SHEPHERD: That is what I have been waiting for . . . .a way to make all things new! Letís go and check this out. This might be exactly what I have been looking for. . Real newness!

It is that time of year again. The time of year when we all need to rush to Bethlehem and take in the scene all over again. Mary, she is excited, tired, and full of wonder. Joseph, keeping a tireless vigil, he is amazed, overwhelmed, but a man of honor. There are the animals around this manger; there is the rushing in of the shepherds from the outskirts of town. They are weaving a story of angels, singing, bright lights, and directions to come see for themselves. Finally, take in the view of the baby. This is not just any child! This is the Savior of the Universe. God has come; God is with us, Emmanuel. He is there in a manger...a special delivery for every person.

He comes bearing a gift, the gift of life; the gift of new beginnings and fresh starts. The gift of hope and future. The gift of comfort and peace. The gift of meaning and purpose. The gift of unlimited potential, where we have the chance to become far more than we ever dared to dream.

It is that time of year when we come face to face with the Gift. It is time to unwrap the Gift and celebrate Christmas this year in a way you never have before! Merry Christmas. Letís unwrap the gift and live it!

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